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How Do You Know If It Is Time for Tile Removal in Delray Beach?

 Tile Removal in Delray Beach Many homeowners choose a home with tile flooring because they think that tile floors will last forever. Little do they know that tile flooring is susceptible to damage the same way any other type of flooring might be. There are quite a few ways that tile can lose its appeal and start to look old, dingy or damaged. Once you notice some of the signs listed below, it may be time to consider hiring a Delray Beach tile removal company to get rid of the flooring. While this work is being done, you can choose a new flooring material and have it installed as soon as the ceramic tile removal in Delray Beach is complete.

Top Causes of Tile Damage

Tile damage can have a number of causes. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Water

Water damage can occur to tiles if the area becomes flooded, or even if water is allowed to stand for a long time in the same spot. It does not have to be a huge flood that causes water damage to tile. A spill that remains in place too long or a slow leak that goes undetected can cause water damage to tile, even if it isn’t a large amount.

  • Impact from a hard blow

Drop a bowl of cereal or your cell phone onto the tile floor, and you’re likely to need to buy a new one. But if you drop something very heavy, the tile itself can shatter. This is more likely to happen while large items, like appliances or furniture, are being moved around.

  • Error during installation

If the tile was installed improperly when the home was built, the flooring can be more likely to break over time. This is because improper installation leaves the tile unsupported and it is more likely to become loose and shatter.

  • Improper mortar or thin set use

Using the wrong type of mortar or thin set to install tile can result in the floor shifting and breaking. Some tiles are made of very heavy, natural materials, and these tiles need a heavy layer of mortar to stay in place, especially as time goes on.

  • Excessive weight on the surface

Over time, the weight of something heavy, like a new appliance, can cause older tiles to buckle and break.

Once a tile floor has been damaged, it is difficult to keep the damage from spreading. Cracks and breakage can spread across the surface of the tile, making the issue more noticeable to people who enter the room.

Grout Appearance

 Tile Removal in Delray Beach The way that your grout looks can also cause you to want to make a change. Many people who install tile flooring in a large area of the home find it is hard to get the grout to look clean. Over time, dust, dirt and even food particles can get caught in the grout, changing the color and appearance. Although a tile floor and the associated grout might look pristine when it is laid, the grout will start to look darker almost immediately. While some people will try to clean this using specialized equipment and solvents, or just old fashioned elbow grease with a toothbrush, the darkened color of the grout doesn’t go back to the light color it once was. If this really bothers you, it may be time to get rid of your tile floors and choose another type of flooring where this will not be an issue, such as carpet, hardwood or vinyl.

If you’re ready to get rid of tile flooring in your home, choose a licensed and insured Delray Beach Floor Removal Company with a good reputation. Contact Flooring Removal Services to get a free quote for tile flooring removal in Miami and the surrounding areas.

How to Choose a West Palm Beach Floor Removal Service?

West Palm Beach Floor Removal Service If you’ve made the decision to hire a West Palm Beach floor removal company to get rid of a floor in your home or business, the next step is choosing the right one. But for a lot of people, that is easier said than done. Finding a company that you trust to work on your property can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know the right questions to ask as you inquire about wood, carpet, vinyl or ceramic tile removal in West Palm Beach. Here are some factors that we recommend considering as you try to choose a West Palm Beach tile removal company.

Do They Have a Full Crew and Equipment?

Many of the companies advertising that they can remove a flooring surface for you are actually general contractors who will attempt to do the work without any specialized equipment. They will attempt to use regular tools to extract the flooring surface, which can take longer than expected and hold up the entire process of having your floor replaced. Other services are weekend warrior operations, run by one guy with a truck and a few tools he has collected over the years. One of the major issues with hiring these guys that they often have another job and are moonlighting on the side, meaning that they are never fully focused on your work. With no backup staff or support staff, if they get sick or have an issue arise, it can be days before you see them again and get your work completed. Once the work is completed, this type of operation is not likely to have the resources to take the debris created offsite, so it will likely sit outside your home until you have it picked up.

Flooring Removal Services has several crews on the road and a full range of equipment for them to use, including:

  • Removal machines
  • Grinders
  • Hand tools
  • Vaccuums
  • Air scrubbers

We also have a full fleet of waste removal trucks to pick up any debris created and make sure that it doesn’t just pile up on your property.

Are They Properly Set Up?

Anytime you hire any contractor to work on your property, you should verify that they are properly set up with the State authorities and insured in case any issues happen. If the company in question does not have the proper paperwork and insurance, the ramifications can come back to bite you as well as them. Some of the issues that can arise from hiring contractors or individuals who do not have the right pieces in place include:

  • If someone gets injured on the job, the liability can extend to you
  • If the home is damaged while work is being done, homeowners insurance may deny any claim you make due to work being done by an unlicensed crew

West Palm Beach Floor Removal Service Will They Give You a Free Estimate?

Getting an onsite estimate is especially important with a flooring removal job. The contractor needs to see the size of the area and the material used on the floor to give you an accurate idea of how long work will take and how much it will cost you. At Flooring Removal Service, we offer each potential client a free estimate for the work they need done. This helps both them and us get a realistic idea of the work ahead.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Don’t let your home be someone’s first experience with tile, vinyl, carpet or wood floor removal in West Palm Beach. Be sure that the service you hire has worked on flooring removal before and they know how to protect your home from being damaged. Choosing a contractor that has experience will also help to keep the process on track and avoid delaying having your new flooring put in place for any reason. Plus, when you choose a company with experience, you can check their reputation on popular online sites like Google and Yelp.

If you need an experienced, skilled crew from a licensed and insured company to remove your flooring, Flooring Removal Services can help. Our team has the equipment it takes to remove any floor surface, and a five star review score from our former clients. Click here to get a free quote for our services.

How Long Does Boca Raton Floor Removal Take?

Boca Raton Floor Removal ServicesBefore you embark on a large scale home renovation project, you might be wondering how long certain parts of the work will take. In the case of removing a floor surface, the amount of time it takes can vary based on a few factors. But there are ways to ensure that this process stays on track and within the time frame that you allot for it. This article will go over some of the main factors that affect the time it takes to have a flooring surface completely removed from your home.

What Type of Flooring Do You Have?

Understanding the kind of flooring you have in place is a key part of the removal process. Some homeowners are living with the floors that were in place when they originally moved in, and aren’t really aware of what kind of flooring it is or when it was put in place. Certain types of man made flooring, like vinyl tile, can convincingly look like a more expensive type of flooring, like tile or hardwood. However, these manmade types of flooring can be easier to remove than other forms.

For example, the process of ceramic tile removal in Boca Raton can be more involved than removing a laminate floor surface, because of the type of mortar used. A heavy type of tile like ceramic is typically laid using a large amount of mortar to keep the tile in place. Once the tile layer is removed, there is still a thick mortar bed underneath that can measure several inches. Removal of mortar is a messy and involved process that can create a lot of dust and that dust can spread all over the home, unless you take steps to stop it from spreading.

Will You Be Hiring a Boca Raton Floor Removal Company?

One of the biggest factors in how long your removal will take is whether you will be trying to do the work yourself, hiring an amateur contractor or getting the help of a Boca Raton floor removal service. While this might seem like a task you can do yourself to save money, that’s not usually the case. The process of removing a floor surface takes the right tools and experience to avoid any issues arising while to work is being done. Without these tools and the right knowledge of the process, it can actually end up taking much longer than expected. Using general tools and pure force can take most of your energy, and leave you exhausted. This is the same process that a non-experienced general contractor might take, with the same slow results. Even once the floor surface is removed, the cleanup process can take much longer than you realize. Without properly preventing the spread of dust to other parts of the home, it can get into the ventilation system and disperse through the home.  Using an experienced floor removal company can help you stay on track, and keep the other renovations waiting to be done on schedules. Delays in renovations are one of the major reasons that homeowners go overbudget, so avoiding them is well worth your while.

Will Your Boca Raton Floor Removal Company Be Using Chemicals?

Chemical free flooring removal in boca ratonTo an inexperienced person it may seem that using chemicals would speed up the removal process. The reverse is actually true. Applying chemicals to the flooring surface can create more of a mess than a straightforward removal using specialized tools, and it also takes time to soak in and time to dry. The use of chemicals is also harmful to the environment, and exposure to the fumes they create can be unpleasant for your family. These fumes can also affect the quality of your indoor air, which recirculates through your cooling system. It is well worth your while to prevent these chemicals from being used in your home and being breathed by your family. For these reasons, conscientious homeowners often prefer to use our process, which uses no chemicals and prevents the spread of dust inside the home.

If you want to find out more about flooring removal and find out specifically how long a flooring removal in your home would take, contact Flooring Removal Services to get a free quote.

The Dangers of DIY Tile or Wood Floor Removal in Coral Springs

Tile or Wood Floor Removal in Coral SpringsRemoving the tile or wood flooring in your home might seem like it would be an easy enough process to handle on your own. In a perfect world, the floorboards or tiles would simply pop out, making it simple to get rid of the whole floor, and you’d barely break a sweat. But that’s not always the case. Some types of tile and wood floor can be harder to remove than others, and if you start one of these types of removals without any help, you might find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Before you take on the process of removing the flooring yourself, or hire just anyone to remove it for you, consider some of the risks that you may open yourself up to.

How Coral Springs Floor Removal Can Go Wrong

Removing the surface of tile or wood is only the beginning of the process. Once you have removed the flooring material, you also have to get rid of whatever you find underneath.  In certain cases, hard wood flooring is stuck to plywood planks, which is then stuck to the concrete subfloor surface.  All of this plywood and the glue have to be removed before you can have a contractor come in to place a new flooring surface.  Since this glue is thick and meant to be in place for many years, getting it off the concrete surface takes more than hard work. Grinders are the best way to get the surface nice and clean.

In other cases, when tile flooring is pulled up, there can be a thick mortar bed underneath. Mortar is a type of cement that hardens when it dries that you have likely seen many times, holding brick walls together or in building repairs. When placed under a tile floor, mortar helps to seal them to the concrete subfloor and keep them where they were laid. This is especially important if the tile floor includes decorative patterns or is made of heavy materials, like travertine or marble. In those circumstances, the flooring installer may purposely lay the mortar several inches thick to get the tiles to hold.

Finding a thick mortar bed under a tile floor is a homeowner’s worst nightmare for a few reasons:

  • Mortar can be hard to break apart, especially without the help of specialized tools
  • Even when you break the mortar apart, it can create a large amount of debris and dust
  • Mortar comes apart in uneven chunks, leaving an unlevel mess while the work is in progress
  • Patches of mortar can remain stuck to the concrete subfloor
  • Chunks of mortar can pull pieces of flooring and trim from doorways and adjoining rooms

The Risks of Damage Due to Inexperienced Tile Removal in Coral Springs

Another risk of inexperience is the chance of damage to your home. Using brute force to remove flooring can result in dents and dings to the concrete, the trim items nearby and even wall surfaces. Not to mention, if something is damaged during the process, your insurance company is not likely to cover the loss. Even worse, if you hurt yourself or someone else gets hurt during an inexperienced removal, you can open yourself up to liability and medical bills.

Inexperienced Coral Springs Tile Removal Makes a Mess

Tile or Wood Floor Removal in Coral SpringsAny home renovation process creates some mess, but flooring removal can create more of a mess than usual unless you protect the area. Removing the mortar or thin set can create a lot of dust, and the dust can spread unless you stop it. Once the dust has moved across the home and into the heating and cooling system, it can continue to spread, causing allergies and respiratory problems for your family.  A professional flooring removal company like Flooring Removal Services will take steps to minimize the spread of dust and clean up after work is done. Our crews lay plastic sheets to prevent the dust from leaving the work area and spreading all around. We use pulse vacuums and air scrubbers to get every speck of dust out of the home before we leave. These processes help to preserve the indoor air quality and keep most of the dust away from your family.

If you want to have an expert service work on your home, Flooring Removal Services can help. Click here to get a free estimate for carpet, wood or tile flooring removal in Coral Springs.

How Pompano Beach Floor Removal Can Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

Pompano Beach Flooring RemovalAs a homeowner, increasing the value of your property is probably one of your main concerns. There are many ways to improve your home that will help to increase the overall value and appeal of the place for future resale. One of the easiest ways is to change the flooring surface in the rooms of the home. Removing a floor surface can actually change the light levels and entire feeling of a room.  Swap old, outdated tiles or chipped laminate floors for a newer, more modern surface that makes your bathroom or kitchen look like a new room. Whether you have tile, wood, carpet or vinyl floors, a qualified Pompano Beach floor removal company can help you get rid of the current surface to make room for a brand new floor. This can give your home an updated look, increase the natural light that comes into the home and entice more buyers to see your listing.

Make a Good First Impression

Over the course of normal living in a home or doing business in a commercial location for decades, damage can occur to any type of flooring. Some of the most common types of damage that can take place inside a normal home or business include:

  • Water damage
  • Food or dirt stains
  • Broken tiles
  • Loose floorboards
  • Mold and mildew
  • Uneven wear and tear
  • Peeling or lifting around the edges

When prospective buyers come to look at a place that is for sale, it takes them less than ten seconds to make a first impression. If the flooring in one of the main rooms is stained or damaged, it can make their first impression a negative one. The same can happen if the rooms feel dark, dingy and cramped. Putting a new floor in the room can lighten the room, help make a good impression and get the home or business sold faster.

Get More Showings

When buyers are looking at homes to visit as part of the buying process, the listing information makes a large impression on them. Buyers are eager to move into homes where there is little improvement to be made and they can simply move in and unpack. Being able to state that your home has new kitchen flooring or a newly renovated bathroom can entice them to coming to look at your listing. The more people that come to see the home, the less time it takes to find the right one to buy it. Plus, data shows that a renovated bathroom can increase the asking price on your home.

Increase Safety

Loose tiles or floorboards can present a safety hazard inside a home, especially for senior citizens, people with disabilities and children. Even carpet can become loose over time, resulting in large creases across the carpet surface. Removing uneven or loose flooring helps your home be safer for potential residents and their visitors. Proper floor removal, including floor grinding, leaves the concrete surface under the floor smooth and even. This allows the flooring installer to lay new a new floor that sits evenly and remains in place. This new floor is sure to be safe for any family or visitors to walk across.

Modernize an Older Looking Home

Dated or trendy finishes inside the home can be a turn off for potential buyers. Some of the colors that were popular in past decades are not what buyers in 2017 are looking for, including:

  • The greens, oranges and yellows of the 1970s
  • Pastel and gray shades made popular in the 1980s
  • Bright bold neon inspired tones from the 1990s

Modernize your Home with Floor removal services in Pompano BeachIf your kitchen or bathroom looks like a blast from the past, people who come to visit the home might have a hard time envisioning themselves living there. Getting tile removal in Pompano Beach and replacing these finishes with a more neutral color palette helps make the home more like a blank canvas. It also helps the home appeal to a wider range of buyers, who can envision themselves at home in this more neutral setting.

The process of putting a new floor in your home starts with having your old flooring and the glue keeping it in place removed. A qualified Pompano Beach Floor Removal Company can complete this process for you in 24 hours or less, and leave the area ready for a flooring installer to lay down the new floor. In the South Florida area, no company is more qualified or experienced than the licensed and insured crews from Flooring Removal Services. Click here to contact us for a free estimate.

How Long Can You Expect Parkland Floor Removal to Take?

Parkland Floor RemovalIf you’re considering replacing the floor in your home, don’t let the length of the process stop you from doing it. The idea of having a floor removed might be intimidating for a home or business owner, but it does not have to be. Understanding a little about how the process of flooring removal works and what to expect during the process can help make you more confident in having it done. When taken on by a professional service with experience, getting rid of any floor surface can actually be completed in as little as 24 hours.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Wood, Carpet or Tile Removal in Parkland?

There are many factors that influence how long removal of a flooring surface should take. Even when you hire someone to complete the work for you, the length of time it takes can vary based on the way they undertake the removal. As you look for a flooring removal company to help you, keep an eye out for these key terms that will help you understand exactly what to expect. Remember, any service you hire to work on your floor removal in Parkland should offer you a free estimate that details how long you can expect it to take.

Dustless Removal Methods

Dustless Parkland Floor RemovalWhile dustless removal might sound like an ideal method at the outset, there are a few drawbacks to this method, and one of them is the length of time it takes to complete. In addition to being a very noisy and disruptive method, dustless removal takes an increased amount of time to complete. In fact, this is one of the slowest methods on the market, and while this slow work is being completed you have to live with it.

Chemical Removal Methods

Some homeowners take on a DIY removal of flooring like vinyl or laminate using chemicals. There is a popular myth that persists in the DIY community that using chemicals will replace the need for specialized tools. However there are many issues with the process of using chemicals to remove a flooring surface, including:

  • It is not eco-friendly
  • Can be hazardous to the health of anyone who gets accidentally exposed
  • Takes drying time
  • Is not always successful
  • Creates unpleasant fumes
  • Lowers indoor air quality

Chemical removal takes an extended time due to the soaking and drying time involved. During this time, the room is basically unusable as no one can even step through it. This can make life difficult, particularly if you have small children or pets.

Amateur Removal Methods

Removal by an inexperienced individual can take the longest of all, because there is a chance that the work will never get completed, or will sit partially complete until you are able to have a professional complete the work. Contractors with little to no experience in flooring removal are often plagued with many issues that lead to delays, including:

  • Lack of proper flooring removal equipment
  • Lack of protective gear to wear onsite
  • Lack of familiarity with issues that may arise in the process
  • Not having enough crew members
  • Failing to protect the rest of the home from damage

It can be hard to predict how long a DIY removal job or work by an inexperienced contractor will be done without knowing what is underneath the flooring surface.

The Difference in Our Method

Parkland Floor RemovalFlooring Removal Services uses a tried and true, ecofriendly method for flooring removal that also happens to be the fastest flooring removal solution on the market. Using specialized equipment, grinders, and hand tools, we can handle even large areas in a short time period. In many cases, your flooring removal can be done in as little as 24 hours, thanks to our experienced crew. Though our process is fast, we ensure you get quality results that leave your floor totally really for the installation of a new surface.

If you would like to find out exactly how long the process of having your flooring removed might take, Flooring Removal Services can help. Click here to schedule a free consultation with us. One of our team members will come to you to give you a personalized estimate, including the length of time needed to complete the job.

Weston Floor Removal is One of The Most Cost Effective Home Improvements You Can Make

Weston Floor Removal is One of The Most Cost Effective Home Improvements You Can MakeBuying a home in South Florida is an expensive prospect, and many homeowners spend every penny they have saved just to get into a house of their own. A survey of the best and worst cities for first time homebuyers conducted earlier this year ranked Miami and the surrounding areas near the bottom of the list due to the high cost of living and real estate prices. This means that most people who buy a home around here have a limited amount of resources left when they get moved in. So what options are there for first time homebuyers that don’t love the way their new house looks?

Anytime you purchase a home, unless it is the custom home of your dreams, there are bound to be aspects of it that you don’t like. Different people have different tastes and this is never more evident than when you look at the inside of a home. You might like neutral, minimalist home furnishings while the person who lived there before liked bright, tropical colors. Just because you don’t have a lot of money left to spend doesn’t mean that you cant change anything about the home. While lots of people think they don’t want to undertake a home renovation because of the time and cost involved, there are certain smaller home improvements that are simpler, cost less and take less time to complete. Believe it or not, one of these is changing any floors that you might not like. Carpet, tile or wood floor removal in Weston can be a much simpler process than you envision.

What to Expect When You Hire a Weston Floor Removal Company

Weston Flooring Removal ServicesOur process is the fastest on the market, which helps to make it efficient and affordable for homeowners. There are a few reasons that hiring Flooring Removal Services to remove your flooring is a good idea for homeowners on a budget:

  • Quick timeframe: Our process has been refined through decades of experience and it is the quickest way to get rid of any type of floor, including carpet, laminate, vinyl and ceramic tile removal in Weston. The removal can take as little as 24 hours to complete.
  • Licensed and insured: We run a professional business, not a fly by night operation, so our crews are fully licensed and insured to work on your property.
  • Minimal Delays: Our process is effective no matter what type of flooring is in place at your home, and we have a multi-person crew on each job. This ensures that no matter what we encounter when we start your removal, we can handle it and get your work done on time. We also have all the equipment needed to remove any flooring surface along with the mortar or thin set underneath to keep the job on schedule.
  • Stay on budget: We begin every job by giving you a free estimate for the cost of the work and how long it will take. One of our team members will come to your home to see what kind of flooring you have in place and offer you a customized price and let you know exactly when the work can be done. This allows us to give you an accurate idea of what to expect and how long it will take.
  • Increases your home’s value: Installing a brand new floor can increase the value of your home, and your equity in it. Once our work is completed, the area will be left ready to have a new floor installed right away. That allows you to have a new floor of your choice installed as soon as the next day. Our process is chemical free, so there is no drying time or waiting required.
  • Helps you personalize your home: You can truly feel at home once you have flooring that you like in place. Changing the floors is just the first step in helping you express your style and décor preferences. It can also make the space more functional for your family and cleaner. If you have old carpeting in the home when you move in, getting rid of that surface along with the dust and germs it houses will benefit the whole family’s health.

If you want to change the flooring in your home, we can help. Click here to get a free quote from one of our team members.

How Does Chemical Free Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Work?

How Does Chemical Free Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Work?One of the things that potential customers are always surprised to hear is that our process is free of chemicals, industrial solvents and other products that are commonly used to remove flooring and adhesive. By using state of the art tools and specialized machines, we are able to remove any type of flooring surface without needing to use these products. There are a few reasons that we choose to stay away from including chemicals in our process, and they vary from reducing our impact on the environment to keeping your family safe. Here are some of the top reasons we use an environmentally process, free of chemicals and solvents, to remove flooring surfaces.

  1. We use skilled workers and state of the art tools

Our teams are made up of some of the best in the business. With years of experience and state of the art tools, our teams are able to remove every inch of flooring and glue without needing to use chemicals or solvents. In fact, some of our machinery removes up to 90 percent of the flooring area, leaving only small patches behind for us to remove by hand. Once all of the floor surface is gone, we use floor grinders to get rid of any trace of adhesive left behind. We have a full selection of angled and fine floor tools to ensure that we can handle any space, big or small. This process leaves the floor smooth and level without any need for chemicals to be applied to the surface.

  1. Our commitment to the environment

Flooring removal creates waste that has to be disposed of, and a key part of our process is disposing of it responsibly. Our fleet of trucks allows us to remove the waste created at each job and take it to be responsibly disposed of in an eco friendly manner. In many cases, these materials can be recycled instead of thrown away, creating unnecessary waste and filling our landfills. Minimizing the use of chemicals in our process also helps to minimize impact on the environment and the air quality in your home.

  1. Protecting your home and family

Chemicals can cause damage to the surfaces in your home, and reduce the air quality your family breathes. If you have babies, children or pets in the home, keeping your air quality high is important to keep them healthy. This is why many parents are switching to natural cleaning products instead of the traditional ones that include a high concentration of chemicals, and choosing organic foods to reduce the chemicals the children ingest. Some companies use high quantities of ammonia or other chemicals to help in removing flooring adhesive. We minimize the chance of any risk to your family by removing the flooring using special machines and hand tools. We also clean the area after work is finished, using pulse vacuums to pick up any dust and air scrubbers to neutralize any particles in the air.  This leaves the air in your home as well as the floor surface clean.

  1. Providing the fastest service

Our teams use the fastest method to remove your flooring and the adhesive underneath, leaving you with a clean floor ready to have a new surface installed anytime you are ready. Even carpets or wood flooring that are glued down using large amounts of industrial glue can easily be removed using our methods. We can also handle cases where the floor was installed on top of a wood or pad surface and then glued to the concrete surface. This can be done in as little as 24 hours, with no time needed for drying of chemicals or solvents and no residual smell.  In many cases, our method is faster than removal methods that use chemicals as part of the process. This is especially true for commercial spaces where the amount of flooring and adhesive would call for a lot of chemicals to be used, and a long drying time.

  1. Adaptability of our process

Fort Lauderdale Chemical Free Removal CompanyOur process is effective on many types of popular flooring, regardless of the method used to install them. From stone tiles, placed with inches of thick mortar to keep them stable, to carpet glued down to the concrete, we can handle it all. Non chemical, eco friendly flooring removal works on many types of flooring, including:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Stone Tiles, including slate, travertine and granite
  • Carpet
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Adhesives, including Mortar, Dryset, Thinset, Mastics and Glue

If you have questions about our process or want to know more, click here to schedule a free estimate. One of our skilled team members will come to you and provide a customized quote for flooring removal in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.