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An Introduction to Ceramic Tile Removal in Coral Springs

Ceramic Tile Removal in Coral SpringsCeramic tile is one of the most popular types of flooring for home and business locations, especially in South Florida. The versatility and long life span of tile flooring makes it popular with home and business owners. There are many styles of ceramic tiles on the market, even some that mimic the look of other flooring styles. So for example, a property owner may like the look of bamboo flooring but feel that it isn’t durable enough for their particular situation. Instead, they could choose a ceramic tile that mimics the look of wood flooring but may be more durable. However, this doesn’t mean that tile floors are indestructible or will last forever.

No matter why tile was initially chosen for your property, the time may come where you find the tile outdated, worn out or simply no longer matches your style. Ceramic tile removal in Coral Springs is the only way to resolve this issue and make yourself as the property owner happy. Once the old ceramic tile is gone, you can have any type of new flooring you like put in place. Adding a new flooring surface not only adds value to the home, it can have a surprisingly large effect on how the space looks and feels. New floors can reflect more light, giving the entire room a fresher and cleaner look.

Coral Springs Tile Removal vs Repair

Tile repair is not a popular option with homeowners and business owners for many reasons. While it might seem appealing at the outset, there are a few reasons that repair isn’t the best option to deal with cracked or broken tiles, including:

  • Repair work cant replicate the natural bonds that exist in the ceramic material, and will only help the broken or cracked tiles stay in place for a short time. Repairs act as a patch to a larger problem that will only get worse with time.
  • Homeowners often find repairs end up looking unattractive and obvious.
  • Repaired tiles can sit unevenly and cause the floor to slant in certain places.
  • Repair work can take a long time, create a lot of dust and end up costing more than you expect

The cost and time spent on trying to repair damage to a tile flooring surface is often better spent on removing the entire floor and having a new surface installed. This process can be much quicker than you realize and is sure to give you better results.

How Does Coral Springs Tile Removal Service Work?

We perform skilled tile removal using specialized equipment, which keeps removal fast and helps you stay on budget and schedule.  Since all of our removal is eco-friendly and chemical free, we avoid the need for waiting and drying times. Your flooring installer can come in as soon as the next day and place your new flooring in the space. The whole process of getting your new floor placed can happen quickly, without disrupting your regular life.

Our Process For Coral Springs Tile Removal

Coral Springs Tile Removal ServiceWith our state of the art flooring removal equipment and crew that have worked in the industry for many years, we know how to perform Coral Springs tile removal in any space. We begin by getting rid of the tile surface using our machinery. Often when the tile layer comes up, there is a large mortar bed that remains. Our crews get this layer completely up to leave the concrete subfloor free of any traces, which helps the new flooring go in and stay in place. Before we leave any job, we clean up and get rid of the debris created during the process. Our removal trucks take any materials that can be recycled for responsible disposal, and our crews work on the interior of the home or business to get it free of dust. We use powerful vacuums and state of the art air scrubbers to get rid of all traces of dust inside the home. This preserves the indoor air quality and keeps the allergens out of your air supply.

To find out more about the process of ceramic tile removal or to get a free quote for your own tile removal needs, click here to contact us.

Q & A About West Palm Beach Floor Removal

Answers to Common Questions About West Palm Beach Floor Removal

  1. How long will carpet, wood or tile removal in West Palm Beach take?

West Palm Beach Floor RemovalThere is no easy answer for this question without having one of our crews come and see the flooring in person. Homeowners might think they have wood floors, when in fact it is a convincing vinyl laminate. Or they may swear they have ceramic tile when its really a form of natural stone. These small differences are negligible to the amateur eye but they make a big difference in the time the removal will take. There are several other factors that influence the total time it takes to remove your flooring, including:

  • How the flooring was installed. For example, if you have carpet, was it glued down with thin set across the entire underside of the carpet? Removing this takes much longer than carpeting laid with regularly spaced lines of thin set.
  • How large the square footage of the area is, which changes the kind of equipment we use
  • The shape of the area. If it is a small room with tight corners, crews will have to use hand tools to complete removal in these hard to reach spots.
  1. Do I have to vacate my home or close my business?

Our crews use the fastest method on the market to complete flooring removal, so its typically not necessary to close your business or leave your home. For business clients, we can help by performing West Palm Beach Floor Removal Service overnight or during the times that you are already closed. In home removal jobs, we ensure that the work is done neatly and quickly, and we protect against the spread of dust to keep all other areas of the home functional while removal is happening. This makes it easy for you to stay in the home while we work, and since work is completed so quickly, your life can return to normal fast.

  1. How long do I have to wait to have a new type of flooring installed?

Once our crews are done with the process of wood floor, carpet or ceramic tile removal in West Palm Beach, we will clean up and leave the area ready for new flooring to be installed. Because we ensure all traces of flooring and thin set are gone, there is no delay in having a new floor put down. Since we keep our process free of chemicals, there is never any need for drying time or waiting. The new flooring material can be installed in the clean area as soon as the next day.

  1. Who are you and what experience do you have in the industry?

West Palm Beach Floor RemovalFlooring Removal Services is a professional West Palm Beach Floor Removal Company with decades of experience removing carpet, tile, vinyl and hardwood flooring through skilled and experienced flooring removal. We work on residential and commercial locations and can remove any type of flooring with our chemical free process. Our crews are licensed and insured to work on any kind of flooring removal, and have plenty of experience working the equipment needed to get the job done.

  1. What do former clients say about you?

Over the years we have worked in the flooring removal industry, we’ve earned a reputation for performing careful and delicate removal with fast results. Our past clients have left us five star reviews for our work. Check out some of the reviews we have received and the comments they have about the quality of our work. Some of the things clients have told us they like best about our services include:

  • We offer free quotes
  • We protect your property from damage
  • We clean up after ourselves
  • Our debris trucks haul away any waste after work is done
  1. What areas do you serve?

We work on homes and businesses all over Miami, but our service extends beyond that area. We also work on properties in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties.

Have an additional question we haven’t covered here? Contact us to get help with any questions you have, or to get a free quote.

Why Our Delray Beach Flooring Removal Service is Committed to Eco-Friendly Removal Methods

Delray Beach Floor Removal CompanyPart of our modern approach to flooring removal is a commitment to protecting the environment while we work. Too often, construction materials end up in a landfill instead of being recycled although they are still usable. In other cases, companies use chemicals to try and cut corners in the removal process. Some companies simply work without regard for the homeowner’s health and well being, creating lots of dust and leaving it in place when they leave. Not only is using chemical solvents and creating renovation dust potentially harmful to the environment, exposure to these chemicals and allergens can be detrimental to your family and pets.

Our Delray Beach Floor Removal Company uses specialized flooring removal machines to remove any kind of floor you may have in place. By keeping our removals chemical free, we are able to accomplish several things:

  • We reduce our impact on the environment
  • We keep our customers safe from any effects of chemical exposure
  • We keep the process moving quickly

Chemical Free Delray Beach Tile Removal Service

One of the keys to our fast and effective chemical free removal services is hiring the right teams to do the work. Our crews have years of experience in the flooring removal industry and know how to use our hydraulically driven flooring removal machines. When used properly, this machinery provides a much faster alterative to chemical removal. This equipment can remove most of the flooring and leaves only tiny stubborn parts of the flooring surface for us to remove by hand. We attack these areas with hand tools and get every trace of thin set off the surface. Then we use grinders to smooth the floor surface and leave it even.

Responsible Disposal of Flooring Waste

Not matter how careful and responsible the Delray Beach Floor Removal Company you choose tries to be, removing flooring is a messy endeavor, and debris will be created. Disposing of this debris responsibly is part of our green friendly approach. Instead of allowing this debris to be taken to a landfill by regular trash pickup, we use our own debris removal trucks to take the trash for recycling. This helps us ensure we do our part to minimize waste. Believe it or not, excessive waste of household textiles is a large problem that environmental activists are starting to focus on more and more. Statistics show that more than 15 million tons of textile waste is created in the United States each year. While some of this is made up of items like clothing, the waste can also include items like tile and wood flooring material, which can often be recycled. Our teams handle this process for you so you can feel good about doing the right thing without any added effort or hassle.

Commercial Delray Beach Flooring Removal

Commercial Delray Beach Flooring RemovalIn commercial locations, the benefits of chemical free removal can be even more evident. Using chemicals in a large space, like a shopping center, means using large quantities of potentially harmful substances and letting them soak for extended periods of time. It also means leaving drying time once the process is completed. All in all, this method can take extra days, leading to the need for your business to close while work is being completed. Chemical free removal is fast and effective, and can be completed in a surprisingly short time no matter how large the location. Using skills and the right equipment, our team can complete carpet, wood or ceramic tile removal in Delray Beach without the need for you to close your business and lose out on money. Our crews can work evening or weekend hours to accommodate you, and get the work completed in as little as one day. You can have the new floor surface installed as soon as the next day, and get back to work as normal as quickly as possible.

If you want to know more about the process of getting rid of a flooring surface without chemicals, click here to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free quote for our services.

A Guide to The Different Types of Wood Floor Removal in Boca Raton

Homeowners are often concerned about how long flooring removal will take, and want to know how long the process will take when they call on the phone or fill out a form online. In the case of hardwood floors, it can be impossible to say without seeing the actual floor. The process of wood floor removal can vary based on the way your flooring was initially put in. Having the essential machines and knowing how to approach each type of removal helps to inform and guide the process. With a plan of attack in place that includes the preparation and cleanup processes, we can effectively get rid of any kind of wood floor in a short time.

Understanding Boca Raton Floor Removal

Understanding Boca Raton Floor Removal There are essentially two types of wood flooring installation. Some floors are put in with no thin set underneath, simply locked in place plank to plank. These types of floors are simpler to remove and do not generally create as much of a mess during removal. But if the hard wood floors were stuck in place using thin set or mortar, removing them will be harder. During installation, the crew will have used a thick layer of the thin set to make the flooring stick. Getting this layer off is a vital part of the removal process, but it isn’t easy. In some cases, the wood flooring material was stuck onto a sheet of plywood to help give the end product extra stability. In these homes and commercial spaces, removal efforts are even more difficult and can be messier if they aren’t contained properly. Extra debris is created on these jobs, so it is vital to have proper debris removal in place to avoid having a large amount of debris cluttering the property after work is completed.

The Process of Wood Flooring Removal With Our Boca Raton Floor Removal Company

The Process of Wood Flooring Removal With Our Boca Raton Floor Removal CompanyNo matter which kind of flooring you have in place, we begin the process by coming to you to offer a free estimate. This allows us to accurately plan for your flooring removal and give you the fairest price. We can even break this cost down for you so you can get a cost per square foot. Before work on any kind of removal starts, we place plastic sheets to keep dust contained and put on protective gear to keep everyone safe. The next steps in the process of wood floor removal in Boca Raton can vary, based on how the floors were laid:

  • If there is no thin set under the surface, we take the floor apart as quickly as possible and take all of the old flooring away for responsible disposal such as recycling.
  • If thin set was painted on the surface of the concrete subfloor, our crews use removal machines to lift away the hard wood flooring material. The specialized blade on these machines helps to get some of the thin set off as well. If there are parts of the flooring material that don’t come up, or streaks of thin set on the concrete that remain, we attack those spots with hand tools, outfitted with dust containment units to help contain the dust we create as we work.
  • There are rare cases where the concrete subfloor is painted with adhesive, but instead of placing the wood flooring right there, a sheet of plywood is placed, and then more adhesive is painted on. The flooring planks are then laid on top. With this extra layer to contend with, these removals can be tricky. Our combination of having top of the line equipment and knowing how to use it helps us deal with these removals just as quickly as the other types.

Flooring Removal Services is the best choice for businesses and home owners in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties. Click here to get a free quote from us.

Get Ready for the Holidays With Pompano Beach Floor Removal

Pompano Beach Floor Removal If you’re hosting family or friends for the holidays, now is the time to make any changes or upgrades to your home. The process of having your home renovated or making major structural changes might be too time consuming to complete before your guests arrive, but you can still remove any flooring surfaces that look old or dingy and have them replaced with a nice new floor before company comes for Thanksgiving. If you’ve been living with old floors for a long time, you know that no matter how hard you try to clean them, they still look dirty. A small change in flooring can make a large difference in the overall look and feeling of your home. A bright, cleaning flooring surface can make the major rooms in your home look like a new space, reflect more natural light and trap less dust or allergens.

No one wants to start a home upgrade, fall behind schedule and run out of time when guests arrive. Nothing is worse than having to host Thanksgiving or Christmas in a construction zone. In order to make sure things get done in time and to your specifications, it’s important to choose a Pompano Beach Tile Removal Service that can offer you efficient and accurate removal services. Getting the old surface lifted so the concrete underfloor is left clean will help the new flooring installer put the new surface down without delay.

How Long Does Pompano Beach Floor Removal Take?

Having an old floor removed isn’t a lengthy process for an experienced team that knows how to do this work and has done it many times in the past. The whole process from start to finish can take much less time than you realize. To begin, one of our crew members will come to you to give you a free quote for the work needed. Then, we schedule a time that works for you to come back and complete the work.

On the day that work begins, our crews will start by laying out protection for your home so nothing gets damaged as we work. This helps protect the rest of your home from dust and damage, so when your holiday guests arrive, they can be comfortable in a clean, upgraded space instead of a dusty construction zone.

The actual process of removing the flooring material happens quickly thanks to our specialized flooring removal equipment. This allows us to get rid of any surface quickly and easily, including:

  • Hardwood planks
  • Ceramic, porcelain, Mexican and stone tiles
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl

With the flooring removed, our crews work on getting rid of any thin set or mortar left behind. Depending on the type of flooring, there can be several inches of this material, which was used to keep the floor in place. Before a new floor can be installed, every trace of this mortar has to be removed and the concrete subfloor should be smooth. This will help the new flooring stay in place when it is laid as the new thin set or mortar will form a firm bond with the concrete.

Our Process for Cleaning Your Home After Work is DoneChemical free Pompano Beach Floor Removal

After all the work is done, we get to work cleaning to leave the property looking like our Pompano Beach floor removal service was never there at all. Our crews take all debris out of your home and haul it for recycling using one of our fleet of debris removal trucks. Once all the debris is gone, we clean the work area using high powered vacuums to get rid of any traces of dust. To address the dust that may already be floating in the area, we use air scrubbers designed to neutralize any airborne particles. We can even leave the protective plastic in place to prevent dust spreading while your flooring installer works. These simple steps go a long way in ensuring your home stays clean during and after the process.

If you want to get carpet, wood floor or tile removal in Pompano Beach before the holidays start, now is the time to act. Start now by contacting Flooring Removal Services to get a free quote for flooring removal.

An Introduction to Vinyl Flooring

An Introduction to Vinyl FlooringWhile many people may not realize it, vinyl flooring materials are some of the most popular on the market. One of the reasons for the popularity of vinyl is that it mimics the look of other flooring materials at a lower price point. This means that the wood floors you may have admired at a friend’s home can actually be made of vinyl. The same goes for expensive tile looking floors you may have seen in local businesses. These surfaces give the look of a prestigious flooring material at a fraction of the price, and often no one knows any better unless the property owner tells them. This affordability along with the durability that many people crave make the surface popular in homes and commercial settings. Using vinyl tiles, flooring installers can create eye catching patterns and interesting details.

Why do Some Homeowners Stay Away From Vinyl?

In some cases, vinyl gets a bad reputation due to the problems that existed with early forms of the flooring. In the early 1980s, when vinyl flooring first hit the market, there were a few common issues with the product, including:

  • It broke and cracked easily on impact
  • The edges could peel away from the surface after time
  • It looked dingy over time
  • The layers separated, leading to the surface peeling apart

New forms of vinyl have been engineered to eliminate these problems. In fact, modern vinyl can be much more durable than natural forms of flooring, like wood or stone tiles. However, over time, vinyl flooring can lose its appeal and you may find you want to have it removed in favor of another form of flooring surface. Removal of your vinyl floor can be completed quickly and easily, leaving you the option to choose a new floor type and color.

Vinyl Removal from a Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Company

After many years of foot traffic, your vinyl floor may have become cracked, dented, or worn down.  Hiring a professional Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Service is the best way to get it gone in the timeframe and budget you specify. Attempting a do it yourself vinyl flooring removal often leads to blown budgets, headaches, and can turn your home into a long term disaster zone.

Flooring Removal Services will take steps to protect your home before work begins and clean up once the work is done.  We travel equipped with all of the flooring removal machines and equipment needed to complete your job to avoid any delays in the work being completed. All of our clients enjoy exceptional service and high quality results.

How to Choose a Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Services

Vinyl Removal from a Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal CompanyWith many companies advertising their services, it can be difficult for homeowners to choose one. There are many reasons that we believe Flooring Removal Services stands above the rest, including:

  • We are a professional, established company with the proper licenses and insurance to work on residential and commercial property
  • We use top of the line equipment to ensure an effective removal that is eco-friendly and free of chemicals that can harm your family
  • We take multiple steps to protect your property, including preventing the spread of dust, stopping any impact damage and removing any dust particles created during the process
  • We have worked on apartments, homes, grocery stores, restaurants and more, and earned a positive reputation and five star reviews from our former clients.

Removing old vinyl flooring can make a real difference in the way your home functions and feels. Contact us today to get a free quote for flooring surface removals from our professional team.