Concrete Scarifying

Scarifying is one method used to level a floor and to prepare a concrete floor for further treatment.

A concrete scarifier comes equipped with a rotating, cutting tool that rotates at a high speed and tears the surface apart.

Scarification works by using steel and or carbide star shaped cutters mounted in rows with several rows around the perimeter of a rotating drum. The cutters come in several sizes and variations for different applications. With this drum machines can remove between ¼ inch and 2 inches in a single pass. Scarifiers are most often seen in the road construction business. They can be used for the removal of asphalt roads traffic lines, grinding down high spots and grooving the surface. Scarification is very effective in removal of old coating and resurfacers.

Scarification Pros

  • Scarification excels at removing thicker coating and resurfacers.
  • Scarification Cons
  • Scarification leaves an aggressive profile more so than shotblasting. This texture usually requires at least 1/8 inch of resurfacer to restore the surface to a smooth uniform texture.
  • Cost of wear items such as cutters and supporting cages result in a high cost per square foot than most other removal methods and is of moderate speed in terms of operation.
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