Important questions to ask before choosing a floor removal service company:

Removing your existing floors is not an easy task! When hiring a professional to do this work, make sure to ask the right questions and avoid problems later on. The following will assist you in asking the right questions and choosing the right company!

Items to take into consideration:

  • Does this company have liability insurance?
  • Are they licensed in the state of Florida?
  • Do they have custom aluminum ramps, fabricated to gain access to your home or business? If not, then you can expect some damage to your doorways, door frames and thresholds.
  • What type of vacuum do they use to contain grinder dust? $100 Shop vac that constantly clogs, or $5,000 pulse vacs? (We have FIVE of them)
  • Will this company remove all your thin-set from your slab or only what the ride on machine can remove? We currently have 7 grinders and are consistently adding new machinery to our inventory.
  • What type of power do they provide? Are they tapping electric from your property? Flooring Removal Services supplies our own 220 volt generators to save you even more money!

Your home and/or business is one of your most important assets, make sure to hire a company that will get it done right the first time!


Q- How long will the removal of my floors take?

A- That depends on the type of flooring you have. Generally tile removal takes more time than say laminate, but with our free estimate, we can quickly give you an approximate time frame.

Q- How much does this type of work costs?

A- Again, depending on the type of floor you are removing, the costs varies, we will be happy to measure the area and give you an exact dollar amount once we come to the site.

Q- What do I need to do in order to prepare my home/business for the removal?

A- First thing that needs to be done is to cover all the AC/Heat intakes to prevent your HVAC system from clogging. Cover all your furniture in plastic to prevent dust. (We provide low dust removal, but some dust is always to be expected). The room where the floor is being removed must be vacated, unless prior arrangements have been made with us. For example, in bathrooms, the toilet must be removed but the vanity does not have to be.

Q-What happens to all the debris and existing floors that you remove?

A- Flooring Removal Services will haul away the debris, and take it to a recycling facility for easy and green disposal.

Q- What if there is glue or thin-set left on the subfloor after removal?

A- With our 220 volt grinders, we remove all glue and thin-set and leave the subfloor ready for your new beautiful floors, in most cases as early as the next day!

Q- I can’t have the noise and machines in my place of business during work hours, do you work in the evening?

A- For commercial projects, we work around YOUR schedule! We can do work in the evenings and weekends.

Q- Will the machines damage my driveway pavers?

A- No, our machines have non damaging rubber tires, and rest assured your driveway will remain in tact!

*Evenings and Weekends available for time-sensitive commercial products*
*Se habla Español*