Flooring Removal Services Offers Fast, Affordable Tile Removal Using the Latest Floor Tile Removal Machine


Today, new floor tile removal machines make removing old flooring cleaner, faster, and easier for both our company and our valued customers. Removing an existing ceramic tile floor prior to installing new flooring, is one of the most physically demanding tasks in any residential or commercial remodeling project.  Any job that includes removing an older tile floor is much harder, because you have to take out the old unwanted tiles before you can install the new flooring. In addition to the tough labor necessary, every ceramic floor remodeling puts the room out of commission while you the work is being done.

To save considerable time, Flooring Removal Services has a new floor tile removal machine that takes out ceramic tile much faster than it could ever be removed by hand. These new floor-scraping machines are powered by electricity, air, propane gas, or batteries. They are available in different models and types. In the end, using a floor tile removal machine is beneficial for both the flooring technicians and the customer.

It takes high-quality equipment and considerable expertise to perform professional-quality commercial and residential floor tile removal. However, while it is a fact that you can remove the flooring with simple hand tools, Flooring Removal Services knows that there is no need to do so when there is a workable alternative available. This is tough, demanding work, and without the proper equipment, it can take days to get an old tile flooring system removed and to the sub-surface prepared for a new flooring installation. Our floor tile removal machine makes it faster and easier for our workers while it also saves the customer on costly labor charges that are eliminated when we utilize the new floor tile removal machine instead of hand labor.

Flooring Removal Services has the proper tools and the necessary expertise required to make flooring tile removal faster and easier. Our company is committed to providing the best possible floor tile removal machine services in Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Martin counties, Florida. This includes the use of our high-quality dust collection vacuums, and the safe removal and disposal of all left-over debris. We leave the premises as neat and clean as it can be after every project.

Our company workers are both Florida State licensed and fully insured for our valued customer’s protection. Our technicians are highly trained, very experienced, and well supervised during every project. We always treat your home or workplace with maximum respect and consideration.

Flooring Removal Services residential and commercial floor removal services can be scheduled within your available time. We completely understand just how important this is for businesses that need to be open during normal hours. We will also schedule our working hours at night, or even over weekends when this accommodation is needed by our customer.

If you would like more information, phone us, e-mail us, or stop in at our Pompano Beach, FL showroom when it is convenient to discuss your interest in our floor tile removal machine services with one of our experienced flooring consultants.

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