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Pompano Beach Floor Removal CompanyRenovating your home is never an easy task, but the results are worth the time and money spent. Our Pompano Beach Floor Removal Company has the most highly trained and experienced technicians for your job. When you trust Flooring Removal Services, Inc. with your home repair, you can be sure to receive quality workmanship in a timely manner that is guaranteed to hold up to your everyday wear and tear. While our competitors boast a dust-free floor removal service, we offer you money saving benefits with our floor removal techniques by leaving this service out of the demolition plan, but still maintaining minimal dust in your home, speeding up the job completion process, and producing less noise with our carefully designed demolition plan.

Our Experts

When looking for top professionals to provide your Pompano Beach Tile Removal Services, we have the qualified experts to handle your home renovation. From your first phone call to our company, you will be greeted by knowledgeable and friendly customer service support that can answer all of your questions and provide you flexible options for booking your free estimate. Our technicians are all highly trained in their specialty and have years of experience backing their name. You can be sure that your quality work is long lasting when you hire our Pompano Beach Tile Removal Company. After your initial estimate, we will go over all of the specifications of your project and give you an exact idea of the amount of time the project will take from beginning to completion and the estimated cost per square foot. We will adequately answer all of your questions along the way and make sure you are making an informed decision and feel comfortable putting your trust in us to provide you quality service.

Dust Free Services Versus Our Floor Removal Process

While dust free floor removal service is a current trend in home renovations, there are set backs and draw backs associated with adding this option to your home renovation plan. While dust free floor removal services boast a clean approach to removing your dwelling’s flooring, there are many things that clients must consider. With dust free flooring the job takes about 3 times longer than the average floor removal job. Additionally, it adds a significantly added fee on top of the renovation plan. This service generally costs $4.00 to $6.00 a square foot, but simply cannot guarantee complete dust removal because of how easily dust is accumulated and how hard it is to control. With our innovative floor removal plan, we use high-quality machines to prevent dust so there is a minimal mess at the end of the process. Customers find this detail to be satisfactory weighed against the amount of time and money this can save for the flooring removal process.

Pompano Beach Floor Removal Services Offered

Ceramic Tile Removal Services in Pompano BeachFor Wood Floor Removal in Pompano Beach, we only use quality machines and qualified employees. Our staff is always kept up to date on the latest floor removal techniques and our plan is carefully designed for your dwelling’s specific needs. Our Ceramic Tile Removal Services in Pompano Beach, whether they are for your business, home, or real estate investment, are top of the line floor removal services. When you trust Flooring Removal Services, Inc with your demolition service you can focus your important time on other details of your renovating project.

Why Chose Pompano Beach Floor Removal Company?

The trust that you will gain in our professionals will be priceless to you as you begin to unravel all the details of your remodeling plan. By choosing our Pompano Beach Floor Removal Services, you are leaving your job in the hands of qualified experts who are licensed and insured and are ready to work hard for you. Our great customer reviews can give you the reassurance you need to trust our quality demolition services. We have the right tools and experience it will take to save you money and complete your job in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your newly renovated dwelling. Give us a call today to see how we can help you get started in making your renovation dream a reality.


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  1. Joshua longReply

    I had no idea the dustless way took longer, I don’t mind a little dust to get it done faster, doesn’t hurt to save money either.

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