South Florida Glue Down Wood Removal

South Florida Glue down Wood removalIf the hard wood floors where you live or do business were glued down when you had them put in, or even before you moved in, removing them is likely to be a more complicated process than you want to take on by yourself. This isn’t a weekend warrior project, or a task for an amateur removal crew to take on. Getting rid of wood flooring that was glued in place can take more effort than you realize. The glue used in these situations is not likely to come away from the surface easily, and if you want to avoid using chemicals or taking an extended time to get the removal done, it takes special equipment and an expert touch.

Having the necessary machines and familiarity with the process of laying glued down wood floors makes the entire process much simpler and quicker. With help from the licensed and insured crews at Flooring Removal Services,  getting rid of glue down wood floors can be an easy task that takes as little as 24 hours. Our crews can remove the hardwood planks and all of the glue underneath,  and smooth away any glue left on the concrete to make the surface clean again. Best of all, we remove the debris and dust to leave your property free of any signs that any type of removal work was done. Once our work is done, you can have any type of flooring you’d like installed in the space, and make it your own.

Our Process for Removing Glue Down Wood Floors

Every glue down wood removal job we take on begins with our free quote process. Our team will send a qualified expert to look at your current flooring and give you an estimate for the work needed. This helps us establish a good relationship with all of our clients because it gives an accurate idea of the process, and gives them a chance to ask any questions before the process begins.

Before we start work, we protect your home in multiple ways, including:

  • Using aluminum ramps to reinforce the area and stop damage from our machines
  • Putting down plastic sheets to contain dust in one place
  • Removing baseboards or trim items in the room
  • Preventing the use of chemicals in your home or business

South Florida glue removalNext, we determine how your wood floors were glued in place at the time of installation. If the glue was applied right to the concrete subfloor, our crews take a removal machine with a specialized sharp blade  to peel the wood flooring and as much of the glue as possible off. Removing as much as we can at once is essential to keeping the removal process effective, allowing you to keep you renovations in progress without any delay.  Any parts of the floor that don’t come up when we use the machinery are taken apart with hand tools by our experienced crew members.  These hand tools have dust containment units attached to help us prevent the spread of dust.

There are homes and businesses where the hard wood flooring planks were stuck on sheets on plywood. The plywood is then stuck to the subfloor using even more glue. Needless to say, this type of removal can require more work and create more of a mess. Luckily, we have the experience to handle this type of removal as well. Using our tools, we cut a hole into the hardwood flooring surface, and start to dismantle the hard wood and plywood in sections. In this way, we can take it apart easily, but this is only possible with the right tools.

No matter how the flooring was installed, after it is all removed, there is likely to be a mess remaining on the surface. Our team uses floor grinders to smooth away any glue, wood or plywood that may remain on the surface. Grinding the floor to leave a smooth surface helps with the process of installing a new floor in the future. In order for a new floor to stay in place, the installer needs a clean surface for the mortar or thinset to bond with.

Once all of this is done, one of our fleet of debris removal trucks gets rid of all of the old flooring, plywood, and any other waste. This prevents you from having to worry about the debris being piled up on your property until you are able to have it removed. Any waste created in your home is recycled in keeping with our eco-friendly policy.

Why Flooring Removal Services?

Why Flooring Removal Services in South FloridaOur team can assist with glue down wood flooring removal in any type of location, whether it’s a large retail space or a small condominium. Our process is not only eco-friendly, its also the fastest and most affordable on the market. We have decades of experience removing glue down wood flooring from both residential and commercial buildings. With our process  and equipment, we can assist with any kind of property, including:

  • Houses, townhomes, apartments, and condos
  • Retail stores and shopping plazas
  • Sports facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities

Flooring Removal Services is ready to help you remove glue down wood flooring from your home or business. We perform glue down wood floor removal in businesses and homes all over the south Florida area, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties. Click here to get our expert help with removing your floors.

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