Hardwood Floor Removal

At Flooring Removal Services our Ride-on floor scrapers can remove any engineered glue down hardwood flooring in a fraction of the time. Our machines can easily remove the toughest floors with ease, compared to old removal techniques that can be almost impossible to achieve. We will not only remove the glue down hardwood but also scrape up the old glue with our razor blade attachments. In most cases, when we are finished the floor is ready for your new flooring to be installed. Our company is available to handle any job from large commercial projects to apartments, condos, townhouses and single family homes (If you walk on it we can remove it). We are available 7 days a week; night crews for time sensitive commercial projects are also available.

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Call us, we will get the job done. References are always available. About our machines: we have 2 National 5700 ride-on scrapers rechargeable 48 volt power system, hydraulically controlled with very precise movements that are controlled via joy sticks. They will run 8 to 10 hours on a full charge. We carry many different types of ramps to gain entrance to the job site. Each one of our machines weighs 2400 pounds. This is the driving force that gets the job done (weight and power). We also have 3 full size walk behind and hand held grinders that remove glue in hard to reach areas, dustless vacuums that remove all the small waste debris. If your job site has no electricity we have our own generators to supply our equipment’s electrical needs.

*Evenings and Weekends available for time-sensitive commercial products*
*Se habla Español*