Mortar & Thin Set Removal

If you want to replace existing stone or ceramic tile in your home, you must go through the messy thin set mortar removal process before you are able to lay down new flooring. Removing thin set is not an easy task without the proper tools and equipment. Thin set mortar is a cement based product and it takes a lot of power to remove it.

Why do we need to remove thin set before installing new floors? Because without removing the thinset mortar, you will not be able to properly install your new floors. Some companies leave the thin set thus costing the home or business owner thousands of dollars to remove the thin set after removal of the floor and doubling your costs!

Flooring Removal Services makes sure to remove your flooring and thin set so your new flooring (in most cases) can be installed the next day.

*Evenings and Weekends available for time-sensitive commercial products*
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