How Pompano Beach Floor Removal Can Increase The Resale Value of Your Home


Pompano Beach Flooring RemovalAs a homeowner, increasing the value of your property is probably one of your main concerns. There are many ways to improve your home that will help to increase the overall value and appeal of the place for future resale. One of the easiest ways is to change the flooring surface in the rooms of the home. Removing a floor surface can actually change the light levels and entire feeling of a room.  Swap old, outdated tiles or chipped laminate floors for a newer, more modern surface that makes your bathroom or kitchen look like a new room. Whether you have tile, wood, carpet or vinyl floors, a qualified Pompano Beach floor removal company can help you get rid of the current surface to make room for a brand new floor. This can give your home an updated look, increase the natural light that comes into the home and entice more buyers to see your listing.

Make a Good First Impression

Over the course of normal living in a home or doing business in a commercial location for decades, damage can occur to any type of flooring. Some of the most common types of damage that can take place inside a normal home or business include:

  • Water damage
  • Food or dirt stains
  • Broken tiles
  • Loose floorboards
  • Mold and mildew
  • Uneven wear and tear
  • Peeling or lifting around the edges

When prospective buyers come to look at a place that is for sale, it takes them less than ten seconds to make a first impression. If the flooring in one of the main rooms is stained or damaged, it can make their first impression a negative one. The same can happen if the rooms feel dark, dingy and cramped. Putting a new floor in the room can lighten the room, help make a good impression and get the home or business sold faster.

Get More Showings

When buyers are looking at homes to visit as part of the buying process, the listing information makes a large impression on them. Buyers are eager to move into homes where there is little improvement to be made and they can simply move in and unpack. Being able to state that your home has new kitchen flooring or a newly renovated bathroom can entice them to coming to look at your listing. The more people that come to see the home, the less time it takes to find the right one to buy it. Plus, data shows that a renovated bathroom can increase the asking price on your home.

Increase Safety

Loose tiles or floorboards can present a safety hazard inside a home, especially for senior citizens, people with disabilities and children. Even carpet can become loose over time, resulting in large creases across the carpet surface. Removing uneven or loose flooring helps your home be safer for potential residents and their visitors. Proper floor removal, including floor grinding, leaves the concrete surface under the floor smooth and even. This allows the flooring installer to lay new a new floor that sits evenly and remains in place. This new floor is sure to be safe for any family or visitors to walk across.

Modernize an Older Looking Home

Dated or trendy finishes inside the home can be a turn off for potential buyers. Some of the colors that were popular in past decades are not what buyers in 2017 are looking for, including:

  • The greens, oranges and yellows of the 1970s
  • Pastel and gray shades made popular in the 1980s
  • Bright bold neon inspired tones from the 1990s

Modernize your Home with Floor removal services in Pompano BeachIf your kitchen or bathroom looks like a blast from the past, people who come to visit the home might have a hard time envisioning themselves living there. Getting tile removal in Pompano Beach and replacing these finishes with a more neutral color palette helps make the home more like a blank canvas. It also helps the home appeal to a wider range of buyers, who can envision themselves at home in this more neutral setting.

The process of putting a new floor in your home starts with having your old flooring and the glue keeping it in place removed. A qualified Pompano Beach Floor Removal Company can complete this process for you in 24 hours or less, and leave the area ready for a flooring installer to lay down the new floor. In the South Florida area, no company is more qualified or experienced than the licensed and insured crews from Flooring Removal Services. Click here to contact us for a free estimate.

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