Flooring Removal Services provides many types of services to assist you in renovating your home or business location. All of our services are provided by licensed, insured crews with decades of experience in the flooring removal industry. Our reputation in the community is well known, with our past commercial and residential customers leaving us five star reviews on Yelp and Google.

The Flooring Removal Services Difference

All of our flooring removal services are performed using our eco friendly process. We use specialized removal equipment to get rid of old flooring without using dangerous chemicals. This keeps the process safe for you, your family or customers, pets, children and the environment. It also keeps the process free of drying time, which helps us deliver the fastest results on the market.

Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

With skilled demolition services, you never have to worry about getting complete, quality results. Drawing on decades of industry experience, crews from Flooring Removal Services can remove the old bathroom or kitchen elements, leaving critical parts like plumbing and structural beams in place. Once all of the demolition work is done, our crews clean the area to get rid of any debris and dust so your renovations can proceed without delay.

Commercial and Residential Floor Removal

Our crews have the skills and equipment to handle flooring removal in any space, whether it’s a large commercial building or a small historic home. Our process provides quality results in any type of space regardless of what kind of flooring you have in place, or the current condition of the floor. Thanks to our efficient process, you can have new floors put in as soon as the day after our work is done.

Hauling and Dumping of Debris

With a fleet of debris removal trucks at our disposal, we can help you dispose of any waste that may be cluttering your property due to the renovation process. We are committed to green removal, so we only deposit waste and debris materials at a facility where they are processed for recycling. Since we have multiple trucks on the road, we can always remove debris from your property without delay.

Floor Demolition

Floor demolition from Flooring Removal Services is performed by our skilled crews to ensure you get professional quality results. When you hire our team to do floor demo work in your home or commercial property, we handle every aspect of keeping your home or business clean and protected. Our crews protect your home from being damaged while removing all parts of the old flooring in a safe and efficient manner.

Flooring Removal

Our experienced crews can remove carpet, tile, wood or vinyl laminate from your floors using our specialized process, which delivers the fastest results on the market. Our crews get rid of all traces of flooring material and the mortar underneath, leaving a smooth clean surface where new flooring can be installed anytime you like.

Concrete Grinding

Our concrete grinding service leaves your concrete floor free of any patches, smooth and ready for another surface to be applied. Or we can polish your concrete floor if you want to leave it exposed.

Trip Hazard Removal

Get rid of dangerous tripping hazards and awkward transitions between flooring types with our trip hazard removal service. We leave your flooring surface smooth and safe for friends and visitors to walk across.

Epoxy Removal

If you’re tired of looking at a epoxy in your home or business, and are ready to get rid of it and make a change, Flooring Removal Services can help. We can get rid of that old floor coating no matter how long it has been in place.

Concrete Scarifying

Concrete scarifying is a fast process that helps to eliminate any issues with new flooring by removing any old thin set or mortar from the concrete before the new floors are laid. We can provide this service in the time before your flooring installer arrives to help increase the chances of your new floor being laid successfully.

Floor Grinding

Floor grinding is a process that removes thin set and mortar left behind on the concrete surface under your floor. This leaves the surface smooth and free of patches or buildup, letting you have a new floor installed. Using a machine that grinds the top layer of the concrete, we remove any patches left on your floor and remove any dust created along the way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about having any of our services performed in your home or business, contact us to get a free quote. After the initial free estimate, our crew members will go over the specifications of the project, including how long it will take, the total cost and the cost per square foot to help you make an informed decision.

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