I love these people. I had a very big job


I love these people. I had a very big job; not size but difficulty. I was dealing with 800sf of wood flooring glued down using Bostik’s Best (intense) over ceramic tile, over concrete. I needed it all up. I removed about 100 sf in my office using a floor chipper “made” for this work and then sanded the floor with the floor sander. I went through two blades and in order for the machine to work I (not exaggerating) needed to run full speed into the wood with the machine to get maybe a 1/2″ strip up. 16 hours later I had the wood up (100sf) and then came the sander. I weigh about 120 so needless to say, I needed to repair two of my walls and my closet door because I an the machine was being flung into them. I said never again so I found a bunch of people who came out to quote me. All where a bit higher than this place and I wasn’t confident. They sounded like they were going to sub contract or sit there for 6 days with a chisel. When the owner of this place came out, he had his brochure of the machines he uses and when he left I had a strong feeling that the other places probably sub out to this place. So I cut the middle man and hired them. They arrived on time with a CREW. There must have been 6 of them total. They put a ramp down because the machine weighs about 3,000lbs and didn’t want to damage the threshold. They had 6′ tall HEPA filters installed on their grinders. They had a guy on the riding machine, guys with wrecking bars, guys with shovels, and guys hauling it out to their truck for destruction. They then had a guy with the big sander, another guy with the corner sander, other guys sweeping and other guys cleaning up. Oh, and they also grabbed a jack hammer and I had a “spare” guy rip out my shower floor down to the bare subfloor because I wanted to redo the shower. Let me tell you….this whole big show….30 minutes start to finish. No lie. From the knock on my door to me shaking their hands…about 45-55 minutes. It took me weeks to recover from the shock. I just spent 3 days doing 1/8th the amount ofwork in the other room. If you are hesitant at all…I am telling you, USE THEM. Was there dust when they left? Sure but if you ever done anything with drywall, concrete, or dried glue even if it is a 1″ hole in the wall you will get dust in areas you didn’t know existed. They demolished 800sf of wood, glue, tile, and thin-set. So yes there was a small amount of residual but if it weren’t for their filters it would have looked like Ground-Zero