I once removed 300 sq ft of ceramic tile


I once removed 300 sq ft of ceramic tile, and while the end result turned out ok, I swore I would never take on such a project EVER again. It was hot, dusty, time consuming, back-breaking work that is best left to professionals. So, when I decided to remove the tile in a home I just purchased, I immediately called this company. I spoke with Bruce on Friday, I was given a fair quote, and by Monday I had three workers at my door at exactly 9 a.m. These 3 guys were absolutely amazing! Removing the tile was a bit loud but these guys were so fast, that when I heard silence for a while I went out to see if there was a problem, and to my surprise they were finished! And just like that 650 sq ft of ugly 12×12 ceramic tile and thinset was gone. My concrete floor was left clean and perfect, even the perimeter of the room was left completely clean. And although I found the thinnest layer of dust, 3 DAYS LATER, their process of using these massive sized vacuums left my home 99.9% dustless. For anyone considering removing tile on your own, all I have to say is, DON”T DO IT! This is one of those things you don’t want to go the cheap route on. The aggravation, time, and potential for getting hurt just isn’t worth the “savings.”