I was very impressed with this service


I was very impressed with this service. Bruce and Wendy are both very friendly over the phone, real genuine folks who mean what they say. The prices were honest and up front, no hidden funny business. I shopped this around and the price was very fair. I was a little worried because we were installing long plank tiles, the one’s that look like actual planks of long wood. It is a tougher job than square tile or shorter planks, and the foundation must be just right. The installer told me he was always worried when people hire 3rd parties to remove. The installers came today and said the floor looks great! They will be able to do our whole job in 4 days. As far as removal, the team showed up on time and finished our job 1100 sqft, in one day. They took out the appliances, removed all of the old tile, removed a sink and toilet, as well as an island and old base boards. Afterwords the floor was completely smooth and the dust was very little. They worked with the AC off so dust did not get into the duct. They also taped up the stairs to the second floor with plastic so nothing got upstairs. Great work. I would recommend this service to my friends.