If you haven’t been through a remodel or had a broken…..


If you haven’t been through a remodel or had a broken tile floor removal then you probably haven’t heard of this company. This is the way to go for floor removal if you have tile that you dislike, tile that were installed incorrectly or any flooring that needs to be removed and you are starting from scratch. Our tile was neutral and I would have lived with it but tenting and popping and cracked tiles started to become out of hand. A team of 5 guys showed up on a Monday and by 5 pm I had no trace of tile, a cement floor (smooth as a babies butt) as advertised and minimal dust. To say there was no construction dust would be lying. The kitchen was covered in plastic by the guys and because I had prepared everything else they got to work. I had all bedrooms sealed off and every stick of furniture, artwork, every food and kitchen item etc moved into these rooms. Quite a lot of work but preparation in key here. They brought in a very large machine to chip and lift out the tile and large pieces were take out to the dumpster truck in the street. The remaining thin set was also scraped by this large scary machine and then another grinder came thru and sucked it all up dust and all and it was bagged and hauled away. I spent the day outside with earplugs. Noise is outrageous and unavoidable.plan to do this sort of thing while there’s nice weather as rain could turn the dust into cement. My home was treated nicely in my estimation and the team was a joy to work with. They were detail oriented and caring of every physical thing they came into contact with. Baseboards were kept in tact and walls were spotless and were treated just as I treat them and they swept the front walkway as they cleaned all the way to their truck to drive away. It all meant a lot to me as I was preparing to have a new floor installed the very next day. See, that’s the beauty here. Not dust pans and inches of dust and ground cement left behind. AMAZING. No other way to do such a crazy hard job so make time to schedule this company for your redo.