We needed to have tile removed from our entire house…


We needed to have tile removed from our entire house, almost 2000sft. We had other contractors tell us that it would be a 3-4 day job and that we would need to empty our entire house because of the dust involved. We contacted Flooring Removal Services and scheduled them to come over and give us a quote. Imagine our surprise when the told us they could do the entire job in one day and we did not need to remove all of our furniture. For prep we did remove as many small items as possible to speed the process along. We were able to move everything on one side of the house and the team worked on the empty side then we moved everything again. They even helped us with the moving around and helped us put everything back when they were done. The process was quick and much cleaner than I expected. I would still recommend covering things but not nearly as dusty as I had feared. They use a vacuums during much of the process and clean constantly as they go. The floors were ground down to the point that we can nor re-install whatever we want, we are not forced to replace with tile because of imperfections. If you have ugly floors like we did I can not recommend them enough, they were helpful and professional through the entire process and their work is beyond impressive. Our neighbors can not believe that when they left for work that day we had tile and when they got home from work we had none! Amazing!