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A Guide to The Different Types of Wood Floor Removal in Boca Raton

October 11, 2017

Homeowners are often concerned about how long flooring removal will take, and want to know how long the process will take when they call on the phone or fill out a form online. In the case of hardwood floors, it can be impossible to say without seeing the actual floor. The process of wood floor removal can vary based on the way your flooring was initially put in. Having the essential machines and knowing how to approach each type of removal helps to inform and guide the process. With a plan of attack in place that includes the preparation and cleanup processes, we can effectively get rid of any kind of wood floor in a short time.

Understanding Boca Raton Floor Removal

There are essentially two types of wood flooring installation. Some floors are put in with no thin set underneath, simply locked in place plank to plank. These types of floors are simpler to remove and do not generally create as much of a mess during removal. But if the hard wood floors were stuck in place using thin set or mortar, removing them will be harder. During installation, the crew will have used a thick layer of the thin set to make the flooring stick. Getting this layer off is a vital part of the removal process, but it isn’t easy. In some cases, the wood flooring material was stuck onto a sheet of plywood to help give the end product extra stability. In these homes and commercial spaces, removal efforts are even more difficult and can be messier if they aren’t contained properly. Extra debris is created on these jobs, so it is vital to have proper debris removal in place to avoid having a large amount of debris cluttering the property after work is completed.

The Process of Wood Flooring Removal With Our Boca Raton Floor Removal Company

No matter which kind of flooring you have in place, we begin the process by coming to you to offer a free estimate. This allows us to accurately plan for your flooring removal and give you the fairest price. We can even break this cost down for you so you can get a cost per square foot. Before work on any kind of removal starts, we place plastic sheets to keep dust contained and put on protective gear to keep everyone safe. The next steps in the process of wood floor removal in Boca Raton can vary, based on how the floors were laid:

  • If there is no thin set under the surface, we take the floor apart as quickly as possible and take all of the old flooring away for responsible disposal such as recycling.
  • If thin set was painted on the surface of the concrete subfloor, our crews use removal machines to lift away the hard wood flooring material. The specialized blade on these machines helps to get some of the thin set off as well. If there are parts of the flooring material that don’t come up, or streaks of thin set on the concrete that remain, we attack those spots with hand tools, outfitted with dust containment units to help contain the dust we create as we work.
  • There are rare cases where the concrete subfloor is painted with adhesive, but instead of placing the wood flooring right there, a sheet of plywood is placed, and then more adhesive is painted on. The flooring planks are then laid on top. With this extra layer to contend with, these removals can be tricky. Our combination of having top of the line equipment and knowing how to use it helps us deal with these removals just as quickly as the other types.

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