Flooring Removal Services Inc. Don’t Break Your Back On That!

Flooring Removal Services, Inc. is South Florida’s premier professional flooring removal service for commercial and residential projects.

Our specialized floor removal equipment reduces time of floor covering removal and floor preparation time by 90%. We also provide dust containment for occupied commercial buildings and residential spaces. When we are through, we can haul the debris away and clean the site.

After your initial free estimate, we will go over the specifications of the projects and determine how much time the removal will take and give you the cost per square foot.

Once approval is received, our professional technicians will prepare the site for the floor removal. After the floor is removed, your new floors can usually be installed the next day! It’s that easy.

Every job is treated with the utmost care and customized estimates are given for your own individual situation.

Remember, the quality and installation of your new floor will greatly depend on the quality and professional removal of your old floor!

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Why Us?

  • There is no middle man! We are the flooring removal technicians so you get the best price versus hiring a flooring installer who will most likely sub contract the work.
  • We are one of the few companies that can complete the project within 24 hours, so the site is ready for your new floors quickly, thus saving you time and money!
  • Flooring Removal Services is fully insured and able to accommodate residential, commercial and industrial projects of all sizes and floor types.

And best of all, we will leave your floors as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

​If you’re a GC why would you want to spend money and man hours on such a time consuming task as removing floors when you can hire us to do it efficiently and inexpensively. Your crews will be thankful that they can start other duties instead of spending days removing a pesky floor.

The Slow and Hard Way

Do it yourself or hire a flooring installer – This usually takes 5-12 days, depending on the floor type. Most homeowners that attempt floor removal, give up after renting walk-behind floor scrapers, pry bars, chipping hammers, and razor scrapers. Floor installers use the same methods and have to charge more to cover their time and labor cost.

The Fast and Economical Way

Hire Flooring Removal Services, because time equals money! We deliver the necessary experience and state of the art equipment to tackle your flooring and surface removal project. All while staying on time and within budget. Plus, our pricing is always competitive when compared to outdated traditional labor with intensive hand removal methods, which usually creates anadditional cost for new material to float the floor.

Flooring Removal Services Inc., is fully insured and able to accommodate both residential and commercial projects large or small. Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that our experienced technicians are on the job and trained to handle your next residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor and other flooring projects.

Some of our previous clients are: Starbucks, American Heritage, Bebe’s

We Can Quickly Remove most types of floors which include:


Using Flooring Removal Services just makes sense

  • We are quick and efficient
  • Cuts down on Manual Labor Costs
  • Utilizing State-Of-The-Art equipment
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Night and Weekend Service Available
  • Se Habla Espanol!
  • Hauling and Dumping of Debris
  • Small Areas are not a problem
  • Non-Hazardous Materials Only!
  • Go GREEN! We recycle!