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An Introduction to Ceramic Tile Removal in Coral Springs

October 31, 2017

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular types of flooring for home and business locations, especially in South Florida. The versatility and long life span of tile flooring makes it popular with home and business owners. There are many styles of ceramic tiles on the market, even some that mimic the look of other flooring styles. So for example, a property owner may like the look of bamboo flooring but feel that it isn’t durable enough for their particular situation. Instead, they could choose a ceramic tile that mimics the look of wood flooring but may be more durable. However, this doesn’t mean that tile floors are indestructible or will last forever.

No matter why tile was initially chosen for your property, the time may come where you find the tile outdated, worn out or simply no longer matches your style. Ceramic tile removal in Coral Springs is the only way to resolve this issue and make yourself as the property owner happy. Once the old ceramic tile is gone, you can have any type of new flooring you like put in place. Adding a new flooring surface not only adds value to the home, it can have a surprisingly large effect on how the space looks and feels. New floors can reflect more light, giving the entire room a fresher and cleaner look.

Coral Springs Tile Removal vs Repair

Tile repair is not a popular option with homeowners and business owners for many reasons. While it might seem appealing at the outset, there are a few reasons that repair isn’t the best option to deal with cracked or broken tiles, including:

  • Repair work cant replicate the natural bonds that exist in the ceramic material, and will only help the broken or cracked tiles stay in place for a short time. Repairs act as a patch to a larger problem that will only get worse with time.
  • Homeowners often find repairs end up looking unattractive and obvious.
  • Repaired tiles can sit unevenly and cause the floor to slant in certain places.
  • Repair work can take a long time, create a lot of dust and end up costing more than you expect

The cost and time spent on trying to repair damage to a tile flooring surface is often better spent on removing the entire floor and having a new surface installed. This process can be much quicker than you realize and is sure to give you better results.

How Does Coral Springs Tile Removal Service Work?

We perform skilled tile removal using specialized equipment, which keeps removal fast and helps you stay on budget and schedule.  Since all of our removal is eco-friendly and chemical free, we avoid the need for waiting and drying times. Your flooring installer can come in as soon as the next day and place your new flooring in the space. The whole process of getting your new floor placed can happen quickly, without disrupting your regular life.

Our Process For Coral Springs Tile Removal

With our state of the art flooring removal equipment and crew that have worked in the industry for many years, we know how to perform Coral Springs tile removal in any space. We begin by getting rid of the tile surface using our machinery. Often when the tile layer comes up, there is a large mortar bed that remains. Our crews get this layer completely up to leave the concrete subfloor free of any traces, which helps the new flooring go in and stay in place. Before we leave any job, we clean up and get rid of the debris created during the process. Our removal trucks take any materials that can be recycled for responsible disposal, and our crews work on the interior of the home or business to get it free of dust. We use powerful vacuums and state of the art air scrubbers to get rid of all traces of dust inside the home. This preserves the indoor air quality and keeps the allergens out of your air supply.

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