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An Introduction to Vinyl Flooring

October 1, 2017

While many people may not realize it, vinyl flooring materials are some of the most popular on the market. One of the reasons for the popularity of vinyl is that it mimics the look of other flooring materials at a lower price point. This means that the wood floors you may have admired at a friend’s home can actually be made of vinyl. The same goes for expensive tile looking floors you may have seen in local businesses. These surfaces give the look of a prestigious flooring material at a fraction of the price, and often no one knows any better unless the property owner tells them. This affordability along with the durability that many people crave make the surface popular in homes and commercial settings. Using vinyl tiles, flooring installers can create eye catching patterns and interesting details.

Why do Some Homeowners Stay Away From Vinyl?

In some cases, vinyl gets a bad reputation due to the problems that existed with early forms of the flooring. In the early 1980s, when vinyl flooring first hit the market, there were a few common issues with the product, including:

  • It broke and cracked easily on impact
  • The edges could peel away from the surface after time
  • It looked dingy over time
  • The layers separated, leading to the surface peeling apart

New forms of vinyl have been engineered to eliminate these problems. In fact, modern vinyl can be much more durable than natural forms of flooring, like wood or stone tiles. However, over time, vinyl flooring can lose its appeal and you may find you want to have it removed in favor of another form of flooring surface. Removal of your vinyl floor can be completed quickly and easily, leaving you the option to choose a new floor type and color.

Vinyl Removal from a Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Company

After many years of foot traffic, your vinyl floor may have become cracked, dented, or worn down.  Hiring a professional Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Service is the best way to get it gone in the timeframe and budget you specify. Attempting a do it yourself vinyl flooring removal often leads to blown budgets, headaches, and can turn your home into a long term disaster zone.

Flooring Removal Services will take steps to protect your home before work begins and clean up once the work is done.  We travel equipped with all of the flooring removal machines and equipment needed to complete your job to avoid any delays in the work being completed. All of our clients enjoy exceptional service and high quality results.

How to Choose a Fort Lauderdale Floor Removal Services

With many companies advertising their services, it can be difficult for homeowners to choose one. There are many reasons that we believe Flooring Removal Services stands above the rest, including:

  • We are a professional, established company with the proper licenses and insurance to work on residential and commercial property
  • We use top of the line equipment to ensure an effective removal that is eco-friendly and free of chemicals that can harm your family
  • We take multiple steps to protect your property, including preventing the spread of dust, stopping any impact damage and removing any dust particles created during the process
  • We have worked on apartments, homes, grocery stores, restaurants and more, and earned a positive reputation and five star reviews from our former clients.

Removing old vinyl flooring can make a real difference in the way your home functions and feels. Contact us today to get a free quote for flooring surface removals from our professional team.

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