South Florida Clay tile Removal in South FloridaRemoving clay tile from your floors might sound like a messy, long process, and the truth is that it can be for an inexperienced individual or team. Many homeowners try to take on clay tile removal themselves only to find that the job is much harder than they predicted. Without the proper tools, clay tile removal can take backbreaking work over the course of many days. Worst of all, it can also leave a giant mess, thanks to the dust created by the tile and the mortar underneath. This can turn your entire home, not just the area where removal work is happening, into a disaster zone.

Homeowners who use an experienced clay tile removal service are much less likely to experience a mess in the home and disruptions to day to day life. An experienced company can complete clay tile removal without making a mess in the home and subjecting you to extra dust, debris and noise. Using the right tools, this type of job can be completed quickly, without dust creeping through the rest of the home or residence.

Flooring Removal Services can make the entire process of clay tile removal as simple and quick as possible.  Our crews have performed removal services in residences and businesses all over South Florida, and they can complete a professional removal in as little as 24 hours. Our fast process is eco friendly, using no chemicals, and includes cleanup, so your home is left just as clean as it was when we arrived. Once our work is completed, you can have any flooring surface you like installed in place of the clay tiles.

Why is Clay Tile Removal So Hard?

Removing any type of floor can be challenging, but clay tile removal is especially hard because of the composition of clay tiles. Made from natural materials and cured by baking at a hard temperature, clay tiles are difficult to break apart. Without using the right kind of tools, breaking the tiles apart or loosening the bond between the clay and mortar can take a lot of force. If you hire an inexperienced contractor, chances are they will waste a lot of time at this stage of the process trying to get your clay tiles removed. Improper removal techniques can result in an uneven subfloor, with damages and dings to the concrete, or mortar patches still on top of the surface.

The Process of Clay Tile Removal

Our process of clay tile removal follows a few simple steps:Steps for South Florida Clay tile Removal in South Florida

  • We begin by creating a customized estimate for the work needed at your home or business. In order to make sure the information we give you is accurate, we come to you to assess the area and ensure we get all the information needed to complete your removal.
  • When our crews arrive to your home, they lay our protective materials to keep your home from getting damaged. These include reinforced ramps to protect your floors and doorways from damage as we work, plastic sheeting to trap dust in one area for easy removal, and panters tape to secure the sheets in place. Once our prep work is done, we can begin working on extracting the clay floor.
  • Using state of the art flooring removal equipment, we begin extracting the tiles from the surface. As the tiles get removed, the mortar underneath can start to crack and come apart. In many cases, clay tiles are laid with a thick layer of mortar underneath them to keep them in place, so there can be a considerable amount of work to be done to make sure all of this surface is removed. Thanks to decades of experience with flooring removal, our crews have the right tools to get the mortar off. We use hand tools to chip it away from your concrete subflooring and dust containment units to keep the mess we create in check.
  • After the tile and most of the mortar are gone, there can still be a thin layer of mortar that remains on top of the concrete subfloor. This layer has to be removed to allow new flooring to be put in its place. Using grinders, we extract this layer and leave the concrete clean, smooth and flat.
  • Once all of the work is done and the tile and mortar are gone, we clean the work area before we pack and up and complete the job. With a fleet of our own waste disposal trucks, we immediately get rid of any large debris instead of leaving it on your property. Using high powered pulse vacuums we get rid of any dust left around the area before it has a chance to spread. Finally, we get rid of any dust in the air by using air scrubbers to eliminate the particles.

Commercial Clay Tile Removal in South Florida

Commercial Clay Tile Removal in South FloridaClay tile is popular in many commercial settings, but as it ages, you may find it isn’t holding up well under all the traffic and dirt. If you’d like to have clay tile flooring removed from your business, you might be surprised to find out how fast we can make it happen for you. Using commercial grade, hydraulically driven equipment, our team can get rid of clay tiles across even a large area in a short time period. We work overnight and on the weekend to help avoid disrupting your business and are fully licensed and insured to work on any space.

If you’re ready to get rid of clay floors in your home, Flooring Removal Services can help. Contact us today to get the process of clay tile removal started.