Floor Glue Removal in Pompano BeachThere are many types of adhesive that may be used to ensure flooring stays in place over time. Because flooring is meant to stay in place for decades, the adhesives used in the process are made to last and getting it off the surface of the floor when you are ready to make a change in flooring can be difficult. In some cases, the original installer will have glued flooring to a sheet of plywood, and then glued that plywood to the concrete sub-floor underneath. This helps to keep the floor stable, but makes the removal process much more complicated. Removing all of this to expose the concrete surface can be difficult, and leave remnants of glue and plywood behind. Until all traces of this old glue is gone, efforts to put down new tile, carpet or wood flooring have to be postponed, or the installation may not have good results. Flooring Removal Services can help with fast and efficient floor glue removal services and remove your debris as well.

Why is Floor Glue Removal Service Necessary?

Some homeowners aim to save money in the renovation process by removing a flooring surface themselves, but fail to remove all of the traces of adhesive that remain underneath. This leaves an uneven surface with high and low spots where different amounts of the adhesive have stayed in place.In order to successfully place new flooring on a surface, all of the previous adhesive must be removed from the concrete. You will be able to see a glue removal being completed by clicking here. This will allow the adhesive of the new flooring to form a bond with the concrete, and to stay in place for many years. If the adhesive is not properly removed from all of the floor’s surface when crews arrive to install the new flooring, they may not be able to start working, causing an unnecessary delay in your renovation. Luckily, Flooring Removal Services can perform floor glue removal in a short time frame, leaving your sub-floors clean, smooth and ready for installation of a new flooring surface.

Some types of adhesives that are typically used in the flooring industry include:

1.Water based adhesives. These are certified as “very low emission”, and are the first choice for health and environmental protection because they are free of solvents or VOCs and safe to install. While these adhesives are a great choice for many reasons, their range of application concerning certain types of wood floor or sub floor is limited.

2.Solvent based adhesives. These are well proven for wood floor installation over several decades. These glues offer a large range of application, but do contain non-hazardous solvents which will evaporate during the first weeks after installation is completed.

3.Urethane based or moisture-cure adhesives. These offer the largest range of application and highest installation security, but are usually more expensive than other adhesives. Due to the higher cost, these adhesives may not be the first choice of flooring installers. These adhesives can be applied under almost any circumstances and have hardly any restrictions on type of wood floor or sub floor.

4.Powder adhesives. These work in a similar way to water based adhesives, except the water is added by the installer. This makes the process simpler, as the installer does not have to worry about freezing or transporting extra weight. The cement in the powder will permanently bond most of the water, resulting in a reduced wood swelling compared to water based adhesives.

No matter which of these adhesives were used in the process of installing your floor, they can be difficult to get rid of once they have attached to the sub-floor surface. Using specialized, state of the art tools, our crews are able to remove every trace of adhesive.

How Does The Process of Floor Glue Removal Work?

Pompano beach Floor RemovalOur process is eco-friendly and avoids the need for chemicals or solvents to remove the glue. This avoids exposing your family and pets to any dangerous fumes or reducing the indoor air quality.We begin, as always, with protecting the surfaces and content of your home. Laying out protective plastic sheets and aluminum reinforcement ramps, we take every precaution to make sure your home is prepared for removal work. There are several types of adhesive used in the flooring process, and our process is effective no matter which type was used on your floors. Some of the most popular types of adhesives used in the flooring industry include:

  • Mastic, which is typically found under older tile floors
  • Mortar, which is used to set the majority of new tile floors
  • Vinyl tile adhesive, which is a glue used with linoleum or vinyl flooring

Our machines use sharp, thick blades designed to peel any of these types of glue away from the floor. If there are still pieces of glue left stuck to the concrete surface, we use hand tools to ensure it is cleanly removed. Then, using grinders, we smooth out any bits that may remain to ensure every inch of the floor is left clean. Although the dust associated with flooring glue removal is typically minimal, we still take care to vacuum away any dust or debris created during the process. We also use air scrubbers to catch any particles that may be floating in the work area and keep them from entering your home’s air circulation system. You can learn more about how our machines can make your floor removal more simple by clicking here.

South Florida Floor Glue Removal Services

Getting thin set, mortar or another type of glue used with flooring surfaces can be a difficult process, due to the nature of these materials. When floors are laid, the installer is trying to make sure they stay in place for years. Sometimes, the approach taken to installation is to glue the flooring material to  sheets of plywood. That plywood is then glued to the concrete subfloor. This creates extra stability when you walk across it, however it makes the removal process more complicated. Removing every bit of flooring material, plywood and thin set is backbreaking work that can take a lot of time and effort, while creating a big mess. Without the benefit of specialized tools and experience in floor glue removal, this process can be a long one. Instead of hiring a one person operation or trying to take on this task yourself, let Flooring Removal Services help. Our licensed and insured crews can remove remaining floor glue in your home or business using our efficient, eco-friendly process. With a full range of state of the art flooring removal machinery, we get rid of every trace of thin set and leave your floor clean. Read on to learn more about our process for floor glue removal in South Florida.

How Do We Remove Floor Glue?

When we say floor glue, that can actually mean one of several types of glue that is popular in the flooring industry.  The actual type of floor glue used in your home can vary based on the flooring material, the age of the home and the installer’s preference when it was laid. With decades of experience, we have fine-tuned a process that works no matter which one is under your flooring surface. The kinds of floor glue usually found in South Florida homes include:

  • Thin set mortar, which is made out of cement, fine grain sand, and a bonding agent that holds the water in to create a strong bond between the flooring material and the concrete. Thin set is very popular in both commercial and residential settings.
  • VCT adhesive, a liquid used to lay down vinyl or linoleum. This is a clear, water based liquid that gets painted onto the surface to help keep padding in place.
  • Mastic is a natural glue, made from trees with the same name. Due its the porous nature, It is not as popular in areas like Miami where the natural humidity is high, or in parts of the home with high moisture exposure, like bathrooms.

Before we start, we put down plastic to cover the areas near our work area and place reinforcement ramps at sensitive points in the home to protect against damage.  Our crews get ready by wearing proper protective gear to minimize the risk of anyone getting injured in your home. Removal of the floor glue begins with our crews using specialized flooring removal machines to get rid of the top layer.

The specialized equipment we use has sharp, special blades that can lift any kid of floor glue. Once most of the glue is removed, there may still be areas that require some more attention. We use our hand tools equipped with dust containment units to get rid of the floor glue in these areas. Next, we use our grinders to leave the concrete smooth and clean.

Eco Friendly Flooring Removal

Prevent Damage and Mess With Professional Floor Glue RemovalOur process for getting rid of floor glue is eco-friendly and also the fastest way to get a smooth, clean surface. Using specialized tools, we avoid using dangerous chemicals and hazardous solvents in the space where you live or do business. We keep from exposing you to stinky fumes that spread and potentially reduce the indoor air quality. These fumes also enter the environment and damage the greater air quality, so reducing the use of these chemicals also benefits the planet as a whole.

After we remove any debris created from the home, we place it in one of our special removal trucks and take it away. Any debris is responsibly disposed of through recycling. The dust associated with floor glue removal is not as much as a demolition or full flooring surface removal, but we still take the time to get rid of the dust created. Our crews travel with high powered vacuums to get rid of all the dust before we consider a job done. Any dust that has floated into the air is eliminated using air scrubbers.

South Florida Floor Glue Removal

To find out more about removing glue from your floors, contact Flooring Removal Services to get a free in home consultation. One of our team will be happy to provide you with an estimate and break down of the work needed to leave your floors clean and ready for the installation of a  brand new finish.

Floor Glue Removal in South Florida by Our Floor Glue Removal Company

Identifying the type of adhesive used to keep the floor in place is crucial to ensuring the glue is lifted. Once the type of glue is identified, crews can use the most effective means to remove it. At Flooring Removal Services, we draw on our years of experience to help make this process as successful as possible.

To find out more about removing glue from your floors, contact Flooring Removal Services in Pompano Beach to get a free in home consultation. One of our team will be happy to provide you with an estimate and break down of the work needed to leave your floors clean and ready for the installation of a brand new finish.