Floor Glue Removal in Pompano BeachIf you have wood floors at your home or business that were glued down at the time of installation, you may think removal is too difficult and time consuming or impossible. But with the right equipment and necessary experience, removing glued down wood floors can be a fast and easy process. Do not let glued down wood floors stop you from renovating your home to match your preferences. With our help, the process of removing glued down wood floors can be a simple and easy one. No matter how your wood floors were installed, we can help you remove them and reveal a smooth concrete surface underneath, perfect for the installation of any new flooring you like. With our help, your home or business can be ready for the installation of new tile, wood, carpet or laminate flooring in as short a timeframe as 24 hours.

How Are Glued Down Wood Floors Removed?

Our glue down wood floor removal service begins with the in home consultation. One of our crew members will examine your floors to give you an accurate idea of the amount of work needed to remove them. The estimate is free of charge and a perfect time for you to ask any questions you may have about the process.

Before beginning work on any job, our crews do the most they can to protect your home, beginning with bringing aluminum ramps to prevent damage as we bring our machines in, and securing plastic sheets with painters tape to prevent dust from accumulating on any surfaces. We also remove any baseboards or custom pieces of trim that may be close to the work area. If your wood flooring was glued directly to the concrete surface, we use a specialized, state of the art machine with blade to scrape away the flooring and most of the glue below the surface. This blade is thicker and sharper than the ones used in other circumstances to allow both the wood planks and most of the adhesive underneath to be peeled up in one motion. In other cases, where the floor has been glued to plywood sheeting, which is then glued to the concrete, a more complex removal is required. By cutting across the surface of the flooring to make a hole, we can then take it apart by sections and dispose of them. No matter how your flooring was installed, our crews have the experience and training to remove them and the adhesive underneath. Any remaining sections that can’t be removed by the equipment are removed using hand tools to ensure that all sections of the old flooring and adhesive are removed. With angled tools in varying sizes, we can get into any corner to remove the old flooring.

Once all of the flooring and glue is removed, our crews go in with grinders to make the surface smooth and flat. Grinding gets rid of the patches of adhesive that may remain on the surface. This is essential to the renovation process, as a clean, flat concrete surface makes the process of laying a new floor more successful. The adhesive used to lay the new flooring needs a clean surface to form a bond that keeps the tile, wood or vinyl in place no matter how much foot traffic comes across them. If you have invested in expensive new flooring, making the installation successful is crucial to having a beautiful finished product. Removal of all the adhesive helps the new flooring to lay smoothly and also helps the new adhesive to form a permanent bond. Once all of the adhesive is removed, your flooring contractor will be able to come in and lay a perfectly even floor more efficiently than if you had attempted a DIY project.

After the work is completed, one of our five state of the art removal trucks will take the debris away and our crews will vacuum to remove any dust that remains. We leave your home clean and ready for new floors to be installed.

Why Choose Us as Your Glue Down Wood Floor Removal Company?

Pompano Beach Floor Glue RemovalWhen you deal with Flooring Removal Services, your stress as a homeowner or business owner is greatly decreased. Our professional operation is here to handle every part of the process and make everything easy for you. Fully licensed and insured, our team has helped residential and commercial locations update the look and feel of the property, increasing property values. Our experience and skill helps us give customers the best possible result on each removal job. Many of our previous customers have left us five star ratings on Google and Yelp, and we stand by our reputation in the South Florida area such as St. Lucie. We begin each job by protecting your home against dust and damage, helping to reduce the chance of any disruption to your life. Before each job is completed, we take time to vacuum away any dust, dispose of any waste in an eco-friendly manner and scrub the air to clean away any floating particles. By avoiding the use of solvents and chemicals as we work, we keep your home, family and pets safe and healthy.

Click here to get glue down wood floor removal services started by requesting a free in home consultation from one of our experts. We will be happy to explain the scope and cost of the work and answer any questions you may have. Our flexible crews are available to work around your schedule, and can even complete commercial jobs overnight to minimize any interruption to your business hours. Contact us today to get started.