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Get Ready for the Holidays With Pompano Beach Floor Removal

October 4, 2017

If you’re hosting family or friends for the holidays, now is the time to make any changes or upgrades to your home. The process of having your home renovated or making major structural changes might be too time consuming to complete before your guests arrive, but you can still remove any flooring surfaces that look old or dingy and have them replaced with a nice new floor before company comes for Thanksgiving. If you’ve been living with old floors for a long time, you know that no matter how hard you try to clean them, they still look dirty. A small change in flooring can make a large difference in the overall look and feeling of your home. A bright, cleaning flooring surface can make the major rooms in your home look like a new space, reflect more natural light and trap less dust or allergens.

No one wants to start a home upgrade, fall behind schedule and run out of time when guests arrive. Nothing is worse than having to host Thanksgiving or Christmas in a construction zone. In order to make sure things get done in time and to your specifications, it’s important to choose a Pompano Beach Tile Removal Service that can offer you efficient and accurate removal services. Getting the old surface lifted so the concrete underfloor is left clean will help the new flooring installer put the new surface down without delay.

How Long Does Pompano Beach Floor Removal Take?

Having an old floor removed isn’t a lengthy process for an experienced team that knows how to do this work and has done it many times in the past. The whole process from start to finish can take much less time than you realize. To begin, one of our crew members will come to you to give you a free quote for the work needed. Then, we schedule a time that works for you to come back and complete the work.

On the day that work begins, our crews will start by laying out protection for your home so nothing gets damaged as we work. This helps protect the rest of your home from dust and damage, so when your holiday guests arrive, they can be comfortable in a clean, upgraded space instead of a dusty construction zone.

The actual process of removing the flooring material happens quickly thanks to our specialized flooring removal equipment. This allows us to get rid of any surface quickly and easily, including:

  • Hardwood planks
  • Ceramic, porcelain, Mexican and stone tiles
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl

With the flooring removed, our crews work on getting rid of any thin set or mortar left behind. Depending on the type of flooring, there can be several inches of this material, which was used to keep the floor in place. Before a new floor can be installed, every trace of this mortar has to be removed and the concrete subfloor should be smooth. This will help the new flooring stay in place when it is laid as the new thin set or mortar will form a firm bond with the concrete.

Our Process for Cleaning Your Home After Work is Done

After all the work is done, we get to work cleaning to leave the property looking like our Pompano Beach floor removal service was never there at all. Our crews take all debris out of your home and haul it for recycling using one of our fleet of debris removal trucks. Once all the debris is gone, we clean the work area using high powered vacuums to get rid of any traces of dust. To address the dust that may already be floating in the area, we use air scrubbers designed to neutralize any airborne particles. We can even leave the protective plastic in place to prevent dust spreading while your flooring installer works. These simple steps go a long way in ensuring your home stays clean during and after the process.

If you want to get carpet, wood floor or tile removal in Pompano Beach before the holidays start, now is the time to act. Start now by contacting Flooring Removal Services to get a free quote for flooring removal.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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