Hardwood Floor Removal in South Florida

 Hardwood Floor Removal in South FloridaAs your hardwood floors age, you might find that they don’t look as good in your home or business as they once did. The finish can fade and peel, leaving some floor boards a different color than others. Certain planks can become loose, leading to an embarrassing tripping hazard when family or customers come to your location. Some homeowners find that hardwood leaves the home’s interior looking cold and dusty, and they miss the warmth and finished look of carpeting. Whatever your reasons, if you want to get rid of hardwood flooring, Flooring Removal Services can help. Our licensed, insured crews can perform residential or commercial hardwood flooring removal anywhere in the South Florida area.

Why Hire Us for Hardwood Flooring Removal in South Florida?

If you hate the look of the hardwood flooring in your home or business, hiring an experienced crew to get rid of it for you is the best way to go. Some of the benefits of hiring an experienced hardwood floor removal company include:

  • Makes the process easy and stress free for you
  • Keeps renovations on schedule
  • Manages the dust and debris created
  • Keeps your family from living in a construction zone
  • Allows you to meet your deadlines for new flooring installation
  • Prevents damages to your home or business interior
  • Gives the best results with clean floors ready to have a new type of flooring installed

Removing a hardwood floor is labor intensive work, particularly for those who have no training, experience or tools. If you hire an inexperienced one man crew, or attempt to take on this project yourself, you run several risks, including:Eco Friendly Hardwood Floor Removal in South Florida

  • Creating damage to baseboards and trim items
  • Leaving chunks of mortar or thin set in place
  • Debris and dust piling up in the home
  • Damage to flooring in adjoining rooms

In some cases, the hardwood flooring is glued to plywood surface, which is then stuck to the concrete underflooring surface. This helps to keep the hardwood surface in place, but it can make removal much harder. Luckily, our crews are equipped and ready to handle this type of hardwood flooring removal. We have the skills to take apart the flooring, beginning with cutting a hole in the surface to get the initial planks removed. Once the initial incision is made, we continue pulling the surface and attached plywood from the surface until it is totally gone. This can be a messy and complicated process, but thanks to our preparation and understanding of how to complete flooring removal, we ensure that it is handled quickly and without any delays.

Our Process of Hardwood Floor Removal

Our process of removing hardwood floors is simple. We begin by taking steps to protect your home by laying out plastic sheets and protective aluminum ramps. Our crews wear protective gear to minimze any risk of harm to them while working on your home. Next, we start working by removing the hardwood flooring with specialized flooring removal machinery. This powerful equipment , operated by our experienced team members, can remove the majority of the flooring surface as fast as possible. This leaves only small hard to reach sections. We use angled hand tools, outfitted with dust containment shields, to get rid of these parts. Once all of the wood is removed, there can be a large amount of thin set mortar left under the surface. This has to be removed in order to have another flooring surface put in place. We use grinders to make the surface smooth and leave a clean finish. With all the removal work done, our crews remove any debris created, vaccuum up any dust and scrub the air to get rid of any airborne dust. Thanks to our experience and equipment, we can complete this process in as little as 24 hours.

Eco Friendly Hardwood Floor Removal in South Florida

Florida Commercial Hardwood Floor Removal Many conscientious homeowners today take every possible step to keep their home eco-friendly, from reducing the amount of chemicals used in the home to monitoring the indoor air quality to ensure its safe for the family. Our teams understand these concerns, and have perfected the process of removing hardwood floors in an eco-friendly manner. Not only is our process free of chemical solvents and the harmful fumes they carry, we also incorporate dust reduction and removal as part of the process. Left uncontrolled, the process of hardwood floor removal can create a lot of dust and spread through the home or business. Research has proven that dust can increase allergies and respiratory problems in those with asthma. Our teams take many steps to help control the dust that may be created during the hardwood flooring removal process, including:

  • Placing protective plastic sheets to stop the spread of dust
  • Using dust containment units with our hand tools to keep dust from spreading
  • Cleaning the area with pulse vaccuums
  • Removing debris as soon as it is created for eco-friendly disposal
  • Treating the air with air scrubbers to neutralize the airborne dust

Commercial Hardwood Floor Removal

Many of our commercial customers come to us because they want to create a new look and life for their business, and hardwood floor removal is the way to get started. Our service is experienced with handling removal in all kinds of commercial locations, including:

  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Shopping malls, grocery stores and retail stores
  • Sports arenas, community centers and children’s play areas

Contact us to get the process started with a free onsite estimate for hardwood floor removal in Miami and the rest of the South Florida area. With multiple crews and a fleet of debris trucks at the ready, we can handle your project within the timeframe you need it done.

Call us, we will get the job done. References are always available. About our machines: we have 2 National 5700 ride-on scrapers rechargeable 48 volt power system, hydraulically controlled with very precise movements that are controlled via joy sticks. They will run 8 to 10 hours on a full charge. We carry many different types of ramps to gain entrance to the job site. Each one of our machines weighs 2400 pounds. This is the driving force that gets the job done (weight and power). We also have 3 full size walk behind and hand held grinders that remove glue in hard to reach areas, dustless vacuums that remove all the small waste debris. If your job site has no electricity we have our own generators to supply our equipment’s electrical needs.