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How Do You Know If It Is Time for Tile Removal in Delray Beach?

September 28, 2017

Many homeowners choose a home with tile flooring because they think that tile floors will last forever. Little do they know that tile flooring is susceptible to damage the same way any other type of flooring might be. There are quite a few ways that tile can lose its appeal and start to look old, dingy or damaged. Once you notice some of the signs listed below, it may be time to consider hiring a Delray Beach tile removal company to get rid of the flooring. While this work is being done, you can choose a new flooring material and have it installed as soon as the ceramic tile removal in Delray Beach is complete.

Top Causes of Tile Damage

Tile damage can have a number of causes. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Water

Water damage can occur to tiles if the area becomes flooded, or even if water is allowed to stand for a long time in the same spot. It does not have to be a huge flood that causes water damage to tile. A spill that remains in place too long or a slow leak that goes undetected can cause water damage to tile, even if it isn’t a large amount.

  • Impact from a hard blow

Drop a bowl of cereal or your cell phone onto the tile floor, and you’re likely to need to buy a new one. But if you drop something very heavy, the tile itself can shatter. This is more likely to happen while large items, like appliances or furniture, are being moved around.

  • Error during installation

If the tile was installed improperly when the home was built, the flooring can be more likely to break over time. This is because improper installation leaves the tile unsupported and it is more likely to become loose and shatter.

  • Improper mortar or thin set use

Using the wrong type of mortar or thin set to install tile can result in the floor shifting and breaking. Some tiles are made of very heavy, natural materials, and these tiles need a heavy layer of mortar to stay in place, especially as time goes on.

  • Excessive weight on the surface

Over time, the weight of something heavy, like a new appliance, can cause older tiles to buckle and break.

Once a tile floor has been damaged, it is difficult to keep the damage from spreading. Cracks and breakage can spread across the surface of the tile, making the issue more noticeable to people who enter the room.

Grout Appearance

The way that your grout looks can also cause you to want to make a change. Many people who install tile flooring in a large area of the home find it is hard to get the grout to look clean. Over time, dust, dirt and even food particles can get caught in the grout, changing the color and appearance. Although a tile floor and the associated grout might look pristine when it is laid, the grout will start to look darker almost immediately. While some people will try to clean this using specialized equipment and solvents, or just old fashioned elbow grease with a toothbrush, the darkened color of the grout doesn’t go back to the light color it once was. If this really bothers you, it may be time to get rid of your tile floors and choose another type of flooring where this will not be an issue, such as carpet, hardwood or vinyl.

If you’re ready to get rid of tile flooring in your home, choose a licensed and insured Delray Beach Floor Removal Company with a good reputation. Contact Flooring Removal Services to get a free quote for tile flooring removal in Miami and the surrounding areas.

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