Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Demo in South Florida One of the common mistakes homeowners make is trying to save money during the home renovation process by taking on kitchen or bathroom demolition themselves. Little do they know that without the benefit of experience in remodeling and the right tools, this can result in unnecessary delays that end up costing more in the long run. Demolition is one of the best examples of this. While it may seem to be a task anyone can do, proper kitchen or bathroom demolition takes a certain level of skill and knowledge to complete correctly. Not to mention, it is physically taxing and creates a large mess inside your home or business.

In order for your renovation plans to be carried out the way you want them to, certain structural parts of the room, like load bearing walls and pipes that connect your plumbing, may have to stay in place. Harming these parts of the home can cause delays and extra costs, making your renovation more expensive than you planned. The best way to avoid delays caused by demolition errors is to hire a professional service that can leave you with a clean, blank slate to personalize.

Using our skill and experience, crews from Flooring Removal Services will perform bathroom or kitchen demolition in the exact places you need it, leaving the major structural pieces in place. Once the work is completed, we clean the area to remove dust and debris, leaving a clear space where your renovations can take place.

The Dangers of Non-Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

Hiring an inexperienced contractor to perform cut rate demolition of your kitchen or bathroom can result in more trouble for you than you realize. Some of the issues that can arise as the result of an inexperienced demolition crew working on your home or business flooring can include:

  • Removal of areas that should not be demolished
  • Damage to pipes and wiring
  • Injury to homeowner or contractor
  • Delays caused by demolition of pipes or wiring
  • Build up of debris in your home

This risks are increased if you live in an older or historical home. The structure of your home can become more fragile with age, and careless swinging of a sledgehammer can cause more harm than good. By examining the kitchen or bathroom structure and the plans you have for renovation, we can help get rid of the parts you need removed without damaging anything else.

Not only can we complete demolition services in the time frame you need, we can also help with the removal of the mess created during this process. With a fleet of removal trucks that we use for our flooring removal work, we can make sure that the debris does not pile up in your home or on your curb. As soon as the demolition work is complete, we will load up any waste into one of our trucks and take it away for recycling.

How We Protect Your Property During Demolition

Demolition of a kitchen or bathroom can be a messy process, so its important to hire a service that actively tries to help you keep your property clean. We protect your property in multiple ways, including taking precautions before we work on the demolition, like:

  • Bringing aluminum ramps with us to prevent damage as we bring heavy equipment into your home or business
  • Stopping the spread of dust with plastic sheets and painters tape to cover the areas outside of the work area
  • Using vacuums and air scrubbers to prevent dust particles from spreading and recirculating in your indoor air

Our process is also free of chemicals that can be harmful to your health. All of our removal is done with machinery, specialized tools and skill to ensure your family or customers are not subjected to the harsh fumes chemical solvents emit.

Experienced in Tile Flooring Removal

The Dangers of Non-Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition Our decades of experience with tile removal make us a perfect choice to handle your demolition needs. Many of the surfaces within the bathroom and kitchen are covered in tile, which does not always come away from the surface easily. Most forms of tile are laid using a large, thick layer of mortar to keep them in place. Getting these surfaces removed can be time consuming, back breaking work if you do not have the right removal tools. Flooring Removal Services has a range of equipment designed to remove tile surfaces in a short time frame, including flooring removal machines, hand tools, and grinders.

We begin with our flooring equipment, which will remove the tile surface and at least some of the mortar underneath. Once this is done, we use the hand tools to reach any tile parts that remain on the surface. With all of the tile gone, we use chipping hammers, chisels and grinders to get the mortar removed. This layer of mortar can be as thick as three inches, but we have the tools and skills to get it gone from any surface.

Why Choose Flooring Removal Services

With several decades of experience working in homes and businesses all over South Florida, Flooring Removal Services Inc. knows exactly how to handle bathroom and kitchen demolition in the time frame you need it completed. We can send a full crew to ensure that your work is completed quickly and there are no delays in your renovation. Our eco-friendly process is safe for families, pet and children, because we do not use chemicals. We also do everything we can to reduce the presence of dust in your home, including using powerful vacuums and air scrubbers to get dust off the surfaces and out of the air you breathe.

Our licensed and insured crews work on residential and commercial spaces all over south Florida, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties. Click here to get a free, in home estimate for bathroom or kitchen demolition services.

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