South Florida Marble Tile RemovalMarble tile flooring is found in many homes and businesses in and around Miami, and many people enjoy the expensive look it gives a room. But if marble doesn’t match your personal style, there is no reason to hang on to it. While marble tiles are naturally very durable, removing them can be an easy job for an experienced flooring removal service with the right equipment and know how to get the job done. Once the process of having your marble tile flooring removed is complete, you can choose any new floor you like to be installed in that area. This is a great way to change the feeling and function of your home, and when you hire an experienced marble tile flooring removal company, it can be totally stress free for you. Modernizing your home can also help with future resale values when you are ready to move on.

If the time has come when you want to remove your marble tile flooring and go with a completely different look, let us help. There are certain considerations that you will need to keep in mind with marble tile removal, and we can help you prepare for them so that the process of getting marble floors removed is simple and easy for you.  From the time we come over to give you a free estimate, to the time the job is completed, we make it as easy and stress free as it can be.

Why Hire a Professional Marble Flooring Removal Service

Amateur marble tile floor removal can create a host of problems. While taking the marble floor up yourself or hiring an amateur to do it for you might sound cheap and easy, it is more likely to create issues than you might think. Here are just a few of the issues that can arise when you attempt to it yourself marble flooring removal:

  • Damage – Removing a durable form of tile, such as marble, from any surface is very difficult and requires a certain amount of force. Our crews use specialized flooring removal machines to pry these tiles away from your floor. without using this equipment, there is a risk of creating damage in the home.
  • Incomplete results – Trying to get rid of a flooring surface actually involves more than just getting rid of the tiles. You also have to get rid of every trace of the mortar used to lay the floor. With a heavy type of tile like marble, this is made harder by the fact that it is typically installed with a large, thick layer of mortar to keep it in place. If this mortar is not removed properly from the surface, new flooring can’t be properly installed.
  • Dust and debris exposure – The dust and other waste created during the process can infiltrate your indoor air, leaving your family breathing in allergens. Our crews prevent this by using dust containment units, vacuuming any visible dust before leaving and using air scrubbers to capture any dust particles left in the air.
  • Cleanup – The process of removing a marble floor can get messy, and without proper protection and disposal, the mess can spread to other parts of your home. With the benefit of several decades in the industry, our crews know how to contain the mess created and clean it up before leaving.

Marble Tile Removal in South FloridaHaving a professional flooring removal crew come in to help you can make the process much faster and easier than you might imagine. In many cases, the work can be done within 24 hours or less, and your new floor can be installed as soon as the next day. When we come out to your home, we will be able to offer you a free estimate and can give you a general idea of how long we think the job will take. The cost of your job can depend on many different factors, which is why we offer an onsite estimate to ensure accuracy.

Our Process of Marble Tile Removal

With the benefit of years of experience in the industry, we have a process in place that ensures every customer gets fast and effective marble removal services. Once we arrive to begin marble tile removal in your home or business location, we start by putting down protective plastic sheets to help contain the dust and debris removal might create. We secure these sheets with painter’s tape, and place aluminum ramps to protect against potential damage. Next, we use specialized machinery equipped with sharp blades to remove the marble tile surface. This helps us get rid of the tile floor quickly and without creating a large mess, the way that using non specialized tools like jackhammers does. Our crews then get to work with specialized hand tools to get the rest of the marble, including corners and edges. These tools are outfitted with dust containment units to ensure that the dust created stays in the work area and doesn’t spread across the home.  Once all the marble is up, we use hand chisels and hammers to remove the mortar underneath, and grind the concrete subfloor to leave it smooth.

Commercial Marble Tile Removal

Our Process of Marble Tile RemovalOur services are also available for commercial locations. Our process for commercial marble flooring removal is largely the same, but uses larger, hydraulically powered machines to handle any amount of square footage. We have successfully removed flooring from retail businesses, industrial locations, hospitals, restaurants and schools all around Miami and the nearby areas.

Licensed, trained and insured, our crews can handle any marble removal job. Removing marble tile flooring can be challenging but by hiring an experienced marble tile removal company to help, it can be done much quicker than you might imagine. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and get started with your project.