Porcelain tile is advertised as a durable, long term flooring option that can stay in place for decades. The heavy, dense composition of the material helps it resist stains and damage, making it a popular choice. Because of this reputation for durability, many people think that they can’t remove the porcelain flooring in their kitchen, bathroom or the rest of the home. Business owners often think that due to the large size of their location, porcelain tile removal is too large and time consuming of a project to take on. But with help from an experienced crew from a professional removal service, porcelain tile can be gone in as little as 24 hours. Flooring Removal Services can use specialized equipment and skill to remove porcelain tile floors, leaving you a clean concrete subfloor where you can have any type of flooring you want installed.

Commercial Porcelain Tile Removal

Porcelain tile is another type of ceramic tile, which is especially popular in commercial settings due to its durable nature. Because it can handle the pressure of heavy foot traffic, many business owners see it as a solid choice for a commercial space. Porcelain is also a very dense form of tile, which helps it repels damage from water and other liquids, making it popular in bars, restaurants and other hospitality based businesses. However, there may be many reasons to remove a porcelain tile floor. The floor can get broken, dented or simply become worn looking. In other cases, you may just want to freshen up or change the look of your business, and getting rid of the old floor can help you do that. If you’ve ever thought about getting rid of the ceramic tile surface in your business, it may be much simpler and easier than you think.

If you’ve invested your money, time and hard work into starting a business, you don’t want to hire an amateur operation to remove your flooring surface. Choose an experienced, licensed service that knows how to protect your investment by preventing damage from happening. We protect your property in multiple ways, including taking precautions like:

  • Bringing aluminum ramps with us to prevent damage as we bring equipment in
  • Stopping the spread of dust with plastic sheets and painters tape
  • Taking the baseboards and trim items out from any areas close to the work area
  • Using vacuums and air scrubbers to prevent dust particles from spreading

Getting your porcelain tile flooring removed is a simple process that can happen in the time frame you need. For commercial clients, we can work outside of your normal business hours to minimize disruptions to your regular operations. Let our licensed and insured crews show you exactly how simple it can be. If you want to have flooring removed from your home or business, Flooring Removal Services can help you.

The Process of Porcelain Tile Removal

We start the removal process by using our specialized equipment to remove the porcelain tile. With the right machinery, we can remove the majority of the floor surface quickly. Next, we use hand tools to remove any pieces of flooring that remain. Our crews travel with angled and small tools, making it easy to get into corners and hard to reach spaces. With all of the flooring gone, we can start getting rid of the mortar or thin set underneath.

Removing a floor surface properly means not only removing the tile, but also getting rid of the compounds used to make the porcelain floor tiles stick. In many cases, porcelain tile is installed using a heavy layer of mortar or thin set underneath. The installer does this to make the heavy porcelain tiles stay where they are laid.  In order to complete the removal of your floor and leave it ready for installation of a new surface, we make sure this mortar or thin set is all gone. After the porcelain tile surface of your floor is removed, our teams work to get rid of this layer. We use chisels to break the bonding and remove this layer from the surface of the concrete sub-floor. Any little patches that are still stuck on the concrete get removed by large grinders that leave the floor smooth. Grinding helps to clear away any mortar or thin set, and leaves the area ready for installation of the new flooring.

With all the work complete, we clean away dust and debris, put large waste into a truck for recycling and take it away from your property. Once we leave, the process is complete and there is nothing more for you to do except choose your new flooring and have it installed.

Why Choose Flooring Removal Services

With several decades of experience removing floors all over South Florida, Flooring Removal Services Inc. knows exactly how to handle floors of any size and shape. The way we remove flooring is not only fast and simple, it’s also a green process that you can feel good about choosing for your property. Our eco-friendly, chemical free process is safe for families, pet and children, and preserves the indoor air quality in your home. By avoiding the use of chemicals or dangerous solvents, we keep you and the environment safe. We also take steps to leave your home clean by treating the work area with vacuums and air scrubbers to remove dust.

Our licensed and insured crews work on residential and commercial spaces all over south Florida, including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River Counties. Click the get a quote button to get a free, in home estimate.

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