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Wood Removal Miramar | Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

November 29, 2019

Perhaps you’ve been planning to replace your current wood flooring with a more classic-looking hardwood surface that complements well with your décor and ultimately add value to your home. Before you hire a team of wood removal Miramar experts, check out these great options for hardwood flooring:

Red Oak

Most homeowners use this type of hardwood flooring because it’s well-suited for most of their flooring needs. Although it’s called red oak, its warm tones can range from a creamy shade of pink or golden red to rusty brown. Its graceful swirled grain patterns are lovely as they slightly vary in terms of grain and color from one board to the next. Whether you’re going for the rustic, classic, country, or contemporary style of decorating, red oak complements them all.


If you want to pull off a look that spells sophistication and drama, you’ll love the large and straight grain patterns and the rich, deep, chocolate undertones of a walnut hardwood flooring. It’s color variations are slight compared to red oak flooring and it’s a perfect choice if you want a smooth and consistent-looking hardwood flooring system. It works great for medium-to-light traffic areas in your home. However, if you place them in high traffic areas, they have the tendency to show wear over time.


Do you want something that’s ideal for high-traffic zones? Choose hickory. Aside from being known for its durability, it’s mocha-tones that range from beige with traces of red to a warm shade of brown with dark-brown streaks will surely go well with your country and rustic décor. Furthermore, the boards feature varying knots that add character to the overall look of your flooring system.

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Do You Need to Hire Professional Wood Removal Miramar Experts?

You’re probably excited to replace your old floors with any of these hardwood options. If you’re looking to find an experienced team of reliable wood removal Miramar experts, get in touch with Flooring Removal Services Inc. today!

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